4 Ways Working Moms Can Dispel Fear and Allow Joy

Season 3, Episode 6: Allowing Joy into Your Life, with Julie Ann Randall

We’ve all been there. Imposter syndrome reigns for so many of us working moms as we try to make our dreams happen. We feel like we’re not good enough at work, at home, and with our kids. The fear that comes from these doubts can be debilitating. It can even stop you from achieving the dreams you work so hard toward. 

Julie Ann Randall is a life coach and former doula that helps empower people to make the “impossible” happen. From building a business to writing PhD dissertations, achieving a promotion at work, or even moving internationally, she shows people how to face their fears and allow joy into their lives in order to achieve the dreams they thought were impossible. 

1. A Little Twist on Daily Affirmations. 

If you’ve ever read about daily reflection or overcoming fears, you’ve probably heard about daily affirmations. But you can use these little tidbits to overcome fears as well as give yourself some motivation every day. Here are a few examples:

  • I will allow myself to take the next step.
  • I know that I have the knowledge and expertise to complete this task.
  • My fears may be valid but they don’t have to be debilitating. 

There are other options that can be more specific to your goals and your life. Visit Julie Ann’s website to learn about more targeted coaching programs for this purpose. 

2. Manifest Your Goals

When you find yourself feeling like you’ll never achieve your ideal life, take some time to daydream about what that will look like when your goals become results. Write it down, create a vision board, or put up index cards on a corkboard with different scenes about what you want for your life. 

Once you have a visual representation of what your ideal life could be, put it somewhere that you’ll see it or read it every day, multiple times a day. Use that as your motivation to make your dreams happen, even in the toughest times. 

3. Surround Yourself With Useful Mentors

Successful people and coaches often make time to mentor others or have programs you can sign up for that teach you what they know. Mentors don’t have to be people you know personally, either. Many coaches and successful business people have online videos on their social media channels that you can watch whenever you’re feeling down. TED Talks and TED X talks are also excellent motivators. 

Compile a playlist of your favorite uplifting talks so that you can always easily access them when you need a mood boost. 

4. Choose Where You Put Your Energy

We can’t choose everything that happens around us or what other people do but we can choose how we react and where we choose to put our energy. Allow yourself to choose joy and to divert away from the things that cost you energy you don’t have. 

As working moms, our energy is precious and in short supply! So grab your coffee, snuggle your babies close, and make time to allow joy into your life every day.

Julie Ann’s Bio:

I’m a life coach specialized in helping people create their  “impossible” dreams. I’m also a single mom with a beautiful four year old daughter that I co-parent with her other mom (our daughter lives with each of us 50% of the time) and I’m in the process of becoming a single mom by choice to my second child. I grew up on the West Coast, went to college on the East Coast and then lived in Italy for seven years before returning to the US to live in California. I have a degree from an Ivy League school and I’ve worked in many capacities professionally (in public relations, marketing, project management, apparel and interior design, real estate sales, mortgage loan origination, massage therapy and as an Italian bicycle tour guide and birth & postpartum doula to name a few) but my greatest love is empowering people to say “Yes!” to and create their hearts’ desires.

Follow Julie Ann:

Instagram – @allowingjoycoaching

Website – https://allowingjoy.com

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