Chasing Our Dreams in Early Motherhood and Beyond, with Brittany Bergman

In this podcast episode, I’m chatting with Brittany Bergman, an educator and a publisher, and we talked about chasing dreams in early motherhood and beyond.

She shared about overcoming anxiety and external pressure during pregnancy and transforming herself through her experience with motherhood.

We also dived into:

03:58 Early years of Brittany’s career

07:53 Anxiety during pregnancy

11:04 Working full time and not having a daycare

12:22 Being overwhelmed with trauma

15:23 Doubts of becoming a mom

16:45 Motherhood is illuminating

19:19 A rollercoaster ride 

25:47 What good moms do

27:17 Feelings of fulfillment

28:02 The ability to change course

31:01 Defining success

34:12 Taking one step at a time

38:16 Knowing ourselves well

Brittany believes that moms don’t need to be everything they thought they should be, that it’s okay to navigate your way through motherhood, to struggle and find that sense of self you need to keep yourself grounded and fulfilled.




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Bio: Brittany L. Bergman is an author who is passionate about telling stories that provide refreshment, connection, and encouragement to mothers who don’t want to lose sight of their identity. Her essays on motherhood have been featured in a variety of publications, including TODAY Parents, Motherly, Coffee + Crumbs, and The MOPS Blog. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, Dan, and their two children. By day, she is a copy editor of nonfiction books at a publishing house. Her first book, Expecting Wonder, is about the identity-level transformation we experience as we become mothers.

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