Episode 19: Coming Out of Postpartum Anxiety and Taking Care of Ourselves – Where Do We Go From Here? with Sabra Ritter of Beautiful Chaos Blog

In Episode 19 of Confessions of a Working Mom Podcast I talk to Sabra Ritter from Beautiful Chaos Blog, about her journey through postpartum anxiety, her career progression and how she navigated the very real struggles she faced.

This is such a raw and vulnerable episode, and I want to thank Sabra for opening up so much about this sensitive topic.

I hope you can resonate with her story, and realize that there is HOPE when it comes to healing from postpartum anxiety and depression. You are NOT IN THIS ALONE. There are lots of moms that have experienced similar things as you, and we are here for you.

Follow Sabra on Instagram @BeautifulChaos.Blog

Check out her Blog, Beautiful Chaos where she writes about motherhood, working, raising babies, and trying to “have it all”, while staying sane. Sounds a lot like the mission and purpose behind Confessions of a Working Mom!

Sabra Ritter is a former full-time marketing and event planning guru, turned
stay-at-home mom turned blogger, and writer. After the birth of her second daughter and returning to a contentious work environment with no flexibility, Sabra quickly realized she needed a change and started her Beautiful Chaos blog. Her two toddler girls are always keeping her on her toes and the reason she does what she loves now. On the weekends you can find her at Southern California beaches or hiking with her family. Sabra loves to cook and is always creating something new and strives to build a career she is passionate about.

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, and remember to take care of yourselves this holiday season, mamas.

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I’m a working mom, blogger, podcaster + side hustler, helping you through this crazy and imperfect road of working motherhood!

I had a dream after my daughter was born (she just turned 5!) to create a life and career that I love, while being present for my family.

I didn’t think that as working moms we should have to choose between having a career we love and an engaged and present family life.

The Working Mom Collective Blog was created out of my dream, and now I’ve taken it a step further and put the Confessions of a Working Mom Podcast out into the world!

My mission has become to help other working moms pursue their dreams, whatever they may look like (I’m not judging – You have to do what makes YOU happy mama!)

If I can reach just one other mama and show her there is a better way to pursue your career goals while raising your family, then I will consider myself successful.

Now let’s tackle this sometimes hectic, but AMAZING journey of working motherhood together!


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