Confession #1: There’s Not a One-Sized Fits All Path in Working Motherhood

Confession #1: There’s not a one-size fits all path for ambitions in working motherhood. It’s a fluid and evolving strategy that is unique to each mom. We are not all meant to climb the corporate ladder, but that’s not to discount those moms who do have those ambitions. I just want to emphasize it’s okay to not want to become the CEO. But again if you do want that for your career path then more power to you mama! There’s many paths we can choose as working moms. In Episode 1 of Confessions of a Working Mom Podcast, I talk about my ambitions in working motherhood and how I decided to take a less-than-traditional path to finding my purpose.​

Action Steps:

1. Stop the comparison trap.

2. Accept where you are today and address your goals and ambitions.

3. It’s okay to want to spend time with your family, and it’s okay if your career demands more time from you during other times.

4. Work/life balance doesn’t exist.

5. Let go of perfection.

6. Pursue your dreams – What lights you up?

7. Take care of yourself- Fill up your own cup first before you take care of others.

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