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Moms with a Purpose Season 4, Episode 1: Solo Episode with Kelli

Moms with a Purpose Podcast is back with Season 4; and it is the most powerful season yet!

In this brand-new solo episode I’m diving into the concept of manifestation, and how you can start taking 3 actionable steps today to start manifesting your big goals in your life & business.

If you want to dive deeper into uncovering fears and releasing them so you can finally start working on your big goals to move forward in your life + business – the Mom Mindset & Manifesation Academy 8-week group coaching program is now open for enrollment!

This is an 8-week group coaching program in which we will dive deep into using energy, mindset & Manifestation to help you harness your inner power to pursue goals that are born from your unique intuitive expression. We will use a combination of mindset tools, energetics, and strategy for you to reach your own version of success. This coaching program is for you if you have the desire to design your own story in life; you want to learn how to harness your inner power & your creativity to pursue your biggest goals without burning yourself out. You want to live in the ease & flow of attracting more opportunities that align with your unique self.

Think of this as intention + aligned action to get you on the path toward your unique vision for your life.  

Click here to learn more about the program and enroll! We begin on the week of April 11th!

In the Group Coaching Program we’ll work together on digging into your mindset, what is holding you back from pursuing your dreams, stepping into the unknown and “Doing it messy,” so you can start working on your goals and walking toward your dream life!

I’d love to help you figure out a plan of action to manifest your biggest goals this year so you can feel confident walking toward your dreams as a passionate, purpose-driven mom.

Because this can be your year, mama, If you’ve had a big dream on your heart for a while – and need the extra help to make it come alive – this group program will help you set up the foundation for your business goals, or side hustle goals and take you out of an overwhelmed state and into a place where you feel excited + motivated to walk forward toward your dream life. This is also for those moms who long for something more; you love your kiddos and your family life but you have a dream or desire to launch a business, pursue a passion or a side hustle. I see you, mama, because I’ve been there!

You deserve to be fulfilled; you deserve to pursue your dreams, mama! Because our dreams don’t stop when we become moms. In fact, I think motherhood unveils our dreams even more because our souls are cracked wide open as a mother, a caregiver, as someone who is now navigating the challenges of parenting, and caring for another human being while maintaining our other core relationships with our partners, our friends and our other family members, and the relationship with ourself (the most important one!)

Enroll in the Mom Mindset & Manifestation Program today – If you pay in full you’ll receive some fabulous Bonuses:

  • 1-hour private 1:1 VIP coaching session with Kelli
  • 30-minute 1:1 private intuitive oracle card reading with Kelli
  • Lifetime Access to the Moms with a Purpose Self-Guided Course Library on MemberVault
  • Special Intuitive Goodie Box filled with things that will help you in your mindset & manifestation journey!

Enroll by going to this link today.

I can’t wait to help you get started in manifesting your big goals in 2022 and beyond!

Email me with questions – I’m always open to chatting further! ????

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