Episode 8: Equipping Ourselves with The Tools to Manage Stress and Anxiety in Motherhood, with Alexandra Haynes, MS

On Episode 8 of The Confessions of a Working Mom Podcast I talk to Alexandra Haynes, MS, who is a life coach for moms specializing in anxiety, stress and low self-worth.

Alex and I discuss how we can better equip ourselves with tools to manage stress and anxiety as they rear their ugly heads in our lives, especially in this stress-filled pandemic year.

This episode has tangible tips you can take with you to better manage the everyday stressors you face, plus start to address the feelings of anxiety and low self-worth that may creep in when we feel like we must “do all the things,” as working moms.

You can find Alex at Coffee With Pixie Dust, and on Instagram @coffeewithpixiedust.

Download her Free guide, 10 Simple Ways to Reduce Anxiety.

Alex also wrote a three-part series on The Working Mom Collective Blog all about Managing Stress and Anxiety.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


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Alexandra Haynes, MS is a Life Coach for moms providing encouragement and empowerment to other moms wanting a better life. 

Before becoming a Stay at Home mom to my two beautiful boys, I worked as a mental health therapist. I chose to leave my work to raise a family. As they have grown up, I have wanted to return to the field I love, with a different focus. I want to help moms deal with their emotional problems. Being a mom is the hardest job that you will ever have, but it is also the greatest one you will ever do. I want moms to learn to balance being a mom with feeling successful. 

My mission is to encourage moms as they raise their superheroes by challenging them to believe in themselves through faith and love. 

You can find Alex at Coffee With Pixie Dust and on Instagram @coffeewithpixiedust

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