3 Ways to Find Time in Your Hectic Life to Start Your Freelancing Business

Season 3, Episode 9: Creating a Life and Career on Your Own Terms, with Aubree Malick

A lot of parents feel like starting a new business is impossible. We get so bogged down in taking care of everyone else that we forget about our own dreams and goals. My guest on Confessions of a Working Mom this week is Aubrey Malick, a business coach who helps people find their purpose beyond parenting. 

A former teacher, Aubrey wanted more flexibility to stay home with her kids. After finding success as a Virtual Assistant in her own freelance business, she took it a step further to teach others about how to make their dreams happen. She uses a targeted plan to simplify, streamline, and scale so that you can leave the traditional job model and still provide income for your family. 

1. Plan Your Time Well

If you still have a full time job when you start this or if you have a lot of kids at home, you’ll need to plan every detail in order to find the time you need to build your business. This is what holds a lot of parents back from starting out! Look for pockets of time that you can use to do a little bit each day. 

Aubrey told us about how she first started out. She was 7 months pregnant and still a full time teacher. She worked 5am-7am and then 8pm-10pm to build her business. By the time her son was born, she was able to stay home with him and continue working from home. 

2. Make Small Sacrifices

When you’re scrolling through social media on your phone or browsing your “previously watched” on Netflix, ask yourself if you could be doing something to build your business instead. You don’t have to sacrifice all of your free time. But it’s going to take some discipline and serious commitment to make this happen. 

Aubrey talked about laying out her clothes the night before and delegating more tasks to her husband, especially at night. Look through your own life and see where you can find more support or streamline your processes. 

3. Build a Rhythm

Let yourself fall into a routine. Plan your breaks, your family time, and everything else you’re going to have to do during the day and let that routine happen. Falling into a rhythm helps mitigate some of the overwhelming feelings that come with starting a business while you still have other obligations. 

Find Resources Wherever You Can

Think about the skills you already have. There’s a good chance that you won’t have to learn a ton of new information to get started as a freelancer. Do what you know best and what you love. As a former teacher, Aubrey was able to use her skills in planning and creativity to help other parents make their own plans to start out. 

Be sure to look at Aubrey’s podcast Freelancer to CEO for more resources about how to start your own business and take your time back. You can do this! 

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