How to Take Control of Your Finances, Live Intentionally and Reach Financial Freedom, with Rho Thomas

This week I chatted with Rho Thomas, creator of the Wealthyesque Podcast, an attorney, a mindset strategist and a personal finance coach. They talked about how you can take control of your finances, live intentionally and reach the financial freedom you wish to experience for yourself.

Here’s the breakdown:

03:50 Having demanding careers

05:23 Making changes in your finances

07:42 Having the pieces fit together

10:17 Make yourself a priority

12:02 The YOU you want to be

13:37 The Wealthyesque Podcast

21:00 Achieving financial independence

25:40 Balancing priorities

25:59 Advice on money mindset

29:48 Being intentional

Rho reminds us how we should stop and reflect on what is important to us in order not to spend our days neglecting the things that make us truly happy. 

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Apple Podcast: The Wealthyesque Podcast

Website: Rho Thomas

LinkedIn: Rho Thomas

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Confessions of a Working Mom Episode 12


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Rho Thomas is an attorney and financial coach who believes that true wealth is having control of your time. She helps lawyers make intentional lifestyle and money decisions to regain control of their time, build wealth, and live the lives of freedom and choice they deserve. She has been featured in outlets such as Yahoo! Finance, Refinery29, and Mic and hosts the 

Wealthyesque podcast, which explores how lawyers can achieve lifestyle freedom by reframing their mindset and managing their money to achieve financial independence.

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