Episode 16: Managing the Many Pieces of Motherhood and Not Losing Yourself in the Process, with Maria Smith of Confessions of a Corporate Mom

In this week’s Episode 16 of the Confessions of a Working Mom Podcast, I am talking to Maria Smith of the Confessions of a Corporate Mom Blog. Maria is a corporate working mom, who has found herself moving across the country several times in the course of her and her husband’s careers, while juggling family life in between. She knows a thing or two about balancing career ambitions with raising a family.

She also just recently started a business venture along with her daughter! Their first product is a #workingmama coffee mug, and they have plans to expand in 2021. The company supports the “Dress for Success” organization, and is donating 20% of proceeds from the coffee mug to this organization, whose mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

In this episode, Maria and I talk all things related to motherhood and how we can find solidarity and hope in the fact that we are all similar as working moms, and are all in this journey together.

Some of the topics we touch on are: Mom Guilt, Perfectionism and Motherhood, the Struggle of “Trying to Balance it All,” Burnout, and How Moms Can Find Their Confidence While Working From Home.

We talk full circle about working motherhood, and the ways we can become more thoughtful and intentional about setting our goals as working moms. These are all great things to think about with the new year quickly approaching!

You are not going to want to miss this episode with Maria Smith. Maria’s thoughtfulness and passion for working moms shows through in all of the wonderful work she is doing! Tune in to this inspiring and amazing conversation wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Check out Maria’s guest post on The Working Mom Collective Blog, where she dives further into her mission of supporting working moms and her Blog series, Managing Motherhood:


Working Mama Mug – Maria’s very first product is available to purchase! Along with her daughter they created a #workingmama coffee/tea mug!

I received mine the other day and I Just love it. It reminds me of my goals and ambitions each day when I sip my coffee in it and work on my blog, podcast and business.


If you are interested in supporting a small business, and an awesome charity, Dress for Success, then send Maria Smith a DM on Instagram @confessions_of_a_corporate_mom, or you can Venmo her @Maria-Smith-74 (all her settings are private!) and put your address in the comments box so she can ship you your fabulous #workingmama mug!

In doing so, you’re also giving to a charity that does so much to “empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help them thrive in work and in life” as 20% of the sale of each mug will go to Dress for Success.

The mugs are $20 + $3.50 for shipping.

Can I confess something?

I love being a working mom. Is it always wine and roses? Nope. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you feel the same way then you’re in the exact right spot!

My passion is supporting other working moms in their journey of motherhood, career and life. We’re all in this together and what better way to support each other than by sharing our stories and connecting in a way that creates lasting friendships, community and purpose. The purpose of this blog is to be able to share – to provide myself – and you – perspective and create a therapeutic outlet to let out the craziness that sometimes seemingly engulfs my life. The chaos that sometimes makes it hard to keep up, that has me questioning and wondering if I am the only one who feels this way.

Mamas, I’m not. I am right there with you! So let’s celebrate and commiserate – together!

I’ve worked for four major corporations over the past 15 years and have met so many women, and moms, who I am grateful to have in my tribe.  Every time I meet and get to know a working mom, the same struggles, issues and feelings about those issues arise when talking about the work environment and the day-to-day, of being both Mommy and full-time employee.

This is a space for all the women I know (and don’t know yet) who fight like hell to balance it all and stay as sane as possible in the interim because in our own way – we all manage something or someone…mine just happen to be motherhood, maniacs and marriage.

Follow the Blog at Confessions of a Corporate Mom.

I had a dream after my daughter was born (she just turned 5!) to create a life and career that I love, while being present for my family.

I didn’t think that as working moms we should have to choose between having a career we love and an engaged and present family life.

The Working Mom Collective Blog was created out of my dream, and now I’ve taken it a step further and put the Confessions of a Working Mom Podcast out into the world!

My mission has become to help other working moms pursue their dreams, whatever they may look like (I’m not judging – You have to do what makes YOU happy mama!)

If I can reach just one other mama and show her there is a better way to pursue your career goals while raising your family, then I will consider myself successful.

Now let’s tackle this sometimes hectic, but AMAZING journey of working motherhood together!


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