Real Talk with the Vagina Doc, with Dr. Jocelyn Connolly

In this episode, Jocelyn “The Vagina Doc”, helps women who are trapped or disconnected from their bodies MOVE, FEEL and LOOK. Together with Kelli the host they discuss the issues that most women face during their period and how to take care of our pelvic health in this podcast episode.

Cramps or cramping are the most common issues faced by women when they have their period to get the blood out of your uterus, the muscles tighten and relax. That’s the sharp ache you feel between your stomach and lower back.

Cramps can start before your period and last throughout the bleeding process. If they feel mild, like someone’s giving your ovaries a solid squeeze, it’s normal. Try an over-the-counter medication for pain relief. If they take your breath away or have you doubled over in pain, check in with your doctor.

Getting your period is a fact of life for most women. But every woman’s period is different. So how do you know if yours is causing problems that it shouldn’t?

In this episode, Kelli and Jocelyn discuss

08:38 Monthly period, in-irregular period. Few periods (oligomenorrhea) when your period is every other month or every three months.

12:00 Understanding birth control.

17:26 What is the pelvic floor and why is it important?

21:42 Pelvic floor contractions.

28:07 Kegel exercises.

34:39 Pelvic dysfunction.

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Bio: Jocelyn Connolly, “The Vagina Doc,” helps women who feel stuck or out of touch with their body MOVE, FEEL, and LOOK better without medications, surgery, or gimmicks. She is the online pelvic health expert for female athletes and active women looking to prevent or overcome issues like urinary leakage, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, nagging pain, and recurrent injuries.

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