S2E4: Go From Burnout to Badass Mom, with Errin Weisman

Do you want to finally overcome burnout once and for all, and cultivate a joy-filled and sustainable career that is “burnout proof?” Then you need to listen to this episode!!

You might be rolling your eyes thinking, “Okay, overcome burnout for good? Sure, yeah right.” But, Errin is here to tell you that it is possible, with time and a willingness to finally start making the changes you need to get out of the drowning pool of burnout.

This week, Kelli talks to Errin, a physician and life coach, and they talk about going from a burnt out family medicine physician to a badass mom. Errin candidly shares her struggles with finding purpose in the pursuit of wanting to become the mom she wants for her kids and the person she wants to be for her family and friends. Errin believes every woman deserves a joy-filled and sustainable career and is here to teach you, the severely burnt out mom, how to do just that!

Burnout is responsible for 120,000 deaths a year and in high-pressure firms, healthcare costs are nearly 50% higher than at other organizations. 

Press Play to discover Errin’s life-changing advice and her story on going from Burnout to Badass Mom:

03:59 #MessyMomMoment

05:56 Finishing up Family Medicine Residency

07:20 Deciding to quit work

10:26 Why am I not happy?

13:44 A doctor to doctors, a mom to moms

15:23 The change brought about by burnout

17:51 Just breathe

19:24 Claiming our power back

27:15 Recognizing who you are 

30:09 Finding that badass woman in you

33:57 You are the golden goose

36:43 Staying intentional with your sleep

41:44 I don’t have to do anything

46:15 Asking for help

Errin was inspired to go beyond band-aid fixes and offer a sustainable change to anyone who needs it in the dire moments of their lives. She reminds us that no matter where you go, you have to take good care of yourself because everything starts within you.

Errin Weisman, DO speaks openly about burning out as a family medicine physician so that no professional feels alone in their workplace journey. She believes every woman deserves a joy-filled and sustainable career.

Besides being sassy, she enjoys getting mud on her shoes, teaching her children to catch tadpoles and reading a great fantasy novel.

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