S2E6: Building a Home-Based Business as a Busy Mom, with Nicole Grinnell

Do you want to learn how a working mom built her own business from the ground up while raising her family?

In this podcast episode, Kelli talks to Nicole, an inspirational entrepreneur and working mom, and they talked about building a home-based business as a busy mom.

She shared her journey in finding her expertise – helping small-scale businesses find their ground in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

They also talked about:

03:04 Having a small business background

04:21 Getting overwhelmed by the demand

09:06 Setting up policies and procedures to be documented

13:37 Getting wrapped up in all the details

14:36 Word of mouth as a great way to network

17:37 Focusing on your goals

19:00 Being patient with your journey

20:28 Being present at the moment

21:56 Balancing work and mom duties

Nicole reminds us how important it is to find that safe space between work and being a mom, in order to be more in tune with yourself – your non-negotiables and negotiables.

At a very young age Nicole gained experience in small business ownership. She worked alongside in her family business from the age of 10 until the successful sell and transition of their company. Nicole worked in corporate America until she and her business partner co-founded their remote fractional staffing company and took it to $1M in 2 years. The mission: give the small business owner a nimble and profitable business in ANY economy.

Check out Nicole Grinnell’s Socials:

Linked In: Nicole Grinnell

Website: Bosun Solutions

Instagram: @bosunsolutions

Facebook:  Bosun Solutions


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