Stop Telling Moms What To Do During a Global Pandemic, with Crystal Ohikhuare

Let me ask you a question, mamas:

When was the last time we told Dads what to do?

Crystal Ohikhuare @thecrystaloh asked this exact question in her recent blog post titled “Stop Telling Moms What to Do During a Global Pandemic,” a guest blog post written on my friend Maria Smith’s Blog Confessions of a Corporate Mom.

And on this episode of the Confessions of a Working Mom Podcast, we chat all things related to being a working mom during a global pandemic, and the immense amount of challenges that has brought to moms around the world.

Moms are exiting the workforce in mass numbers, and Crystal brings to light some life-changing advice for women who are struggling with the decision to stay or go. 

And spoiler alert – You don’t have to quit entirely if you are burnt out and stressed.. You have options!

Crystal is a working mom in Human Resources and Recruiting. She’s held several leadership positions with different organizations and has launched, grown and sold several HR-related businesses. She also co-hosts the podcast @notyourtokenblackgirl – you can find anywhere you tune into podcasts for weekly episodes!

Tune in to this conversation, where we dive deep into the dynamic of working families and how everything changed in the past year, plus what we can do to stay connected to our careers, our passions and create a life by design.

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Crystal’s Bio:

Crystal Ohikhuare is a working mom who received her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from Southwestern University and her master’s degree in Public and Political Communication from Louisiana State University. She launched her career as a Public Relations professional representing politicians and professional athletes, but upon returning home to Dallas she fell into the world of Human Resources and Recruiting. Since then, she has held several leadership positions with different organizations and has launched, grown and sold several HR related businesses. She tours the country lecturing and coaching women on how to launch, grow and pivot their careers while balancing home life and other aspects of their female identity. When she’s not busy working or co-hosting her podcast, Not Your Token Black Girl or blogging for, she loves spending time at home with her family, volunteering with her sorority sisters or traveling (when it’s safe). Today, she lives in the Dallas area with her husband Mike and their daughter Arya. The family will welcome a baby boy this summer. 

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