Episode 14: Supporting New Moms in their Transition to Motherhood and Return to Work, with Kimberly Didrikson

In Episode 14 of the Confessions of a Working Mom Podcast, I’m talking to Kimberly Didrikson of the organization Learning Motherhood.

Kimberly formed Learning Motherhood after struggling with her own return to work after maternity leave. Learning Motherhood provides new moms the tools and resources to help them transition back to work in the early stages of Motherhood.

Kimberly’s purpose is to help new moms not feel so alone in their transition, and to be better set-up with information that they can be armed with while returning to their jobs.

I know that I would have definitely pursued this type of resource if I knew it was available five years ago when I became a new mom.

The support is not always there in your transition back, unfortunately.

I absolutely love that Kimberly seen a gap and a need for new moms who were struggling with their transition, and took action on creating an organization to help fill that gap!

Listen in for Kimberly’s advice and tips on how to approach your return to work as a new mom. You won’t want to miss this episode, and all of the beneficial programs and resources Kimberly offers for new moms.

Check out Kimberly’s organization, Learning Motherhood, at https://www.learning-motherhood.com

Follow her on Instagram @learningmotherhood

Check out the Maternity 5-week series, where soon-to-be or new working moms can learn:

·      The Adjustment of Pregnancy in the Workplace

·      Empowering Women in Pregnancy and Communication in the Workplace w/ Employment Law Attorney

·      Reviewing Maternity Leave Eligibility w/ Certified Disability Leave Management Specialist

·      Reviewing Paternity Leave Eligibility (we encourage your spouse to join this meeting)

·      Preparation in the Workplace to go on Maternity Leave (addressing support within your organization, home, and childcare.

My name is Kimberly Didrikson, and I am the CEO and Founder of Learning Motherhood. I have three kids, ages 6, 4, and 2.  I spent 15 years growing my career at a Fortune 100 company with roles in sales that led to leadership positions within the organization. My job was essentially my baby, and then I had a real baby, which absolutely turned my world upside down. My expectation of how career and motherhood fit together was very far off from reality, and that’s when the idea of Learning Motherhood was created. To offer moms returning back to work a community to support this transition while educating organizations and providing tools to help retaining their working parents in the workforce. 

Learning Motherhood helps women returning from parental leave from feeling overwhelmed with motherhood and career to thriving in navigating the changes that occur when mothers return to work. Providing research-based classes to ease the transition into motherhood during leave and better ensure that working women will feel supported when returning to their careers. In addition to the courses offered, Learning Motherhood provides customized programs to assist organizations in creating a work environment that embraces families to strengthen company values, sustain and retain employees while attracting vital talent to their organization.

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I’m a working mom, blogger, podcaster + side hustler, helping you through this crazy and imperfect road of working motherhood!

I had a dream after my daughter was born (she just turned 5!) to create a life and career that I love, while being present for my family.

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Now let’s tackle this sometimes hectic, but AMAZING journey of working motherhood together!


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