Chakras Rebalancing Audio Course

Give yourself the gift of energetically resetting your chakras in time for the holiday season

Does any of this sound like you?

You're a busy mom - you've got a lot on your plate this holiday season (and all year, if we're honest!) Give yourself this gift that will help you to rebalance, ground and renew yourself in the midst of the sometimes chaotic atmosphere around you. This special audio course on rebalancing your chakras as a form of self-care during the holidays and beyond will help you have a tool in your back pocket when things get hectic!

What do you get in this course?

  • 7 audio lessons (1 for each chakra) 20 minutes or less
  • 7 self-hypnosis audio tracks
  • Chakras Journaling Guide
  • Mini Chakra Printable Affirmations
  • Guide to Crystals for Chakras Balancing

You deserve this little gem for your spiritual and mental well-being mama!

What would it feel like for you to:

That's exactly why I created the Chakras Rebalancing Audio Course!

to help you rebalance, ground and renew yourself through the powerful energetic chakra centers!

"I had my intuitive session with Kelli Femrite this morning and I am BLOWN AWAY! Not only was she very accurate and on point, but in a 15-minute intuitive session/reading she got to the root of my main problem in my business lately and RELEASED what was blocking me. Anyone thinking about working with Kelli should DO IT - she's the real deal and you will NOT regret!
Brianna Hosack
Coach for Spiritual ADHD Moms

Before Balancing Your Chakras

After Balancing Your Chakras

I've had the pleasure of working with Kelli as an intuitive coach for over a year. Within this time she's offered consistent strategies for helping me make the best decisions in my professional and personal life. Kelli takes the success of her clients personally and is inspired by each individual's personal passions.
Intuitive Coaching Client

The Seven Chakras we'll be working with in this course...

Here's what you'll also get:

Chakras Journaling Guide

So you can reflect on your journey

Chakra Printable Affirmation Cards

So you can have mini cards to take on the go to remind you to take moments for yourself to reset

Guide to Crystals for Chakras Balancing

So you can learn which crystals will help amplify your chakra journey

Here's How it Works:

  • Each of the seven chakras will have an audio lesson and a self-hypnosis audio track. All will be uploaded into the private podcast feed (link will be sent to you upon sign-up.)
  • The Journaling Guide, Affirmation Cards and Chakra Crystals Guide will be uploaded into the portal and you can download them anytime after signing up! These are yours to keep forever.

Chakras Rebalancing Audio Course

Are you ready to rebalance your chakras, clear out stuck energy, and FEEL FREAKING AMAZING every single day you wake up, before you even get out of bed?

The first audio lesson will be available as soon as you enroll! Give yourself this gift, because you deserve to feel balanced, mama!

Enroll Today!

1. Click the above photo to Buy Course

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2. Follow the prompts inside the member's area

Once you check out and get your login details, you can begin the course immediately! Check your email for additional details and prompts to use during your audio course.

3. Dive into your Chakras Rebalancing!

Listen to the lessons and do the work. You can move at your own pace (you’re never behind) but you’ll also get an email from me introducing each module so you always know what to do next! I’ll also pop in to check on you occasionally to see how you’re coming along.

Why I Created the Chakras Rebalancing Course

Hi, I’m Kelli Femrite, an Intuitive Empowerment Mentor for Moms and I created The Chakras Rebalancing Audio Course because it’s my mission to empower moms to step into their version of “more” to manifest your highest soul potential and bring your big wild vision to reality.

Doing this all starts within yourself – and it can begin on a chakra exploration journey because the chakras are the energetic centers of the body – and they impact every aspect of our lives – whether we recognize that or not.

I created the Chakra Rebalancing Experience for you to have a practical tool in your back pocket that allows you to energetically reset as often as you’d like – without beating yourself up for feeling like you “should be meditating,” that you’re “too far behind in your journey,” or “you’ll never catch up.” Because the content in this course was built for a busy mom on the go – you’re not going to feel the pressure that you’re “behind.”


You’re right on time, mama, so join us here. I’d love to welcome you into this supportive space so you can rebalance your chakras and wake up every day feeling balanced, calm and ready to tackle your biggest goals (or to take intentional rest if that’s what the day’s plan calls for!)