Your heart and soul is calling you to regain the connection to your higher self.

Are you going to answer the call?

If you are ready to step into who you are Becoming and embody the powerful sovereign woman not defined by your past...

And you want to:

Drop the “shoulds” in your life

Wake up each day morning feeling well-rested and relaxed

Live each moment more presently and purposefully

Take time each day for your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical self-care practices

Surrender to allow your intuition to guide you

Embrace the unknown and trust you’ll be led to your highest soul expression

Step into deep alignment of Mind/Body/Spirit

Experience inner peace like you’ve never known before…


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And you've felt the call to self-heal and get into energetic alignment so you can feel better, release past heavy energy that isn't yours to carry, and create the next chapter of your life feeling empowered, vibrant, emotionally balanced and connecting with your light source energy every single day...

I invite you to apply to my 1:1 Mentorship, Becoming

It's time to trust deeply in your intuitive power...

In this high-touch integrative healing mentorship we will explore together how you as the creative director of your own life get to step into an amazing path forward by leaning deeply into your intuition and the support of your higher self and spirit team.

If you are ready to reclaim your inner power and embrace your unique soul journey, stepping into the next chapter of your life feeling empowered and ready to make those big moves born from a place of your intuitive power, I invite you to make this next aligned move by applying to the Mentorship.

As moms and/or primary caregivers, it's so easy to fall into taking care of everyone else's needs first, and often the first thing we drop is tuning into our inner guiding light to continue doing what lights us up on a soul level. You're here because you have felt the soul calling to rediscover what lights you up...You're drawn to working with spiritual and universal energies to co-create your most magickal life born of your intuitive power.

Hi, I'm Kelli, Intuitive Empowerment Mentor, Energy Healer and Modern Witch Mama!

I work with moms who have big, wild dreams in their hearts and a deep desire to pursue their purpose and calling in this world.

When we work together, I use a variety of energy and intuitive methods and tools to help you write your future story and REACH for MORE by taking back your own power in your life. 

We also work together on moving past generational stories, traumas, hurts and disappointments so you can move towards your version of heaven on Earth without carrying the heavy energy of the past with you.

One of my specialty areas to heal is the Witch Wound – since I’ve overcome limiting beliefs and energy blockages within the Witch Wound, I have the tools to help you overcome this and to reclaim your inner divine feminine witchy power.

You’ll get to know pretty quickly that I love Oracle and Tarot Cards, Candle Magick, Goddess Magick, and Divine Feminine Healing Tools. I use all of these (plus more witchy tools) within my healing work, to amplify the energies and intentions behind your transformation.

If this is calling to you, let’s get on a chat to see how we can work together to take your intuitive power to new heights and nurture and call forth all of the magick you have to offer the world.

Some of the ways we can work together include: Hypnotherapy Sessions, Holy Fire Reiki Sessions, Hypno-Reiki Sessions, Akashic Records Readings and Sessions, the Becoming 1:1 Mentorship, and the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Monthly Membership!

Start with an Intuitive Insights Akashic Records Reading to dive into your soul story and what you are here to create, be, and do in this lifetime on Earth – This signature reading opens you up to insights from your soul, and is perfect for anyone who feels the call to reignite your soulful purpose and path on Earth.


You are ready. You're being called now to step into this path of soul alignment and reconnection to your intuition.

It's time now to embrace that your version of a fulfilling life isn't going to be found outside of yourself.

It's time to stop hiding who you truly are and to embrace your inner truth and POWER.

It's your divine birthright to embody your highest self in everything you do, in everything you create and in every fiber of your being.

Let's Get Your Intuitive Journey Started...

Working together we can begin to rewrite your story so you can take back your power over your own life, heal in your own time, and apply self-compassion to the healing process, not beating yourself up for feeling behind in your journey.


You are ready to reclaim your sovereignty, calling back your highest inner power to guide your life path forward from here on out.


You’re done listening to outside perspectives of how your life should be. You’re done relying on outdated ideas of what an ideal “dream life” means.


You’re ready to define your own dream life, guided by your intuition and to align with all parts of your soul to call in your higher self’s purpose and power.


You are READY to unlock your intuitive calling and discover the key to your soul path, to nurture your unique mind/body/soul connection, and to welcome in all of the unlimited potential and possibilities for your life.


You're ready to step into who you are becoming and write your new powerful future into existence.

You're also ready to become the intuitive empowered leader of your own life. I have a secret for you: You were BORN ready.

So all that's left is to take that leap toward your future...

Modern Witch Mama Podcast

Tune in to the podcast weekly for a unique take on modern spirituality as a busy goal-driven mama and how you can begin an intuitive practice of your own, without having to follow the "rules"

Your intuitive journey begins here...

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