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Oh hi, I'm Kelli, Mystical Intuitive Empowerment Mentor, modern nature witch, 2x international best selling author, holy fire reiki and akashic healer, fire wife, earth-loving mama of one.

As a librarian of the Akashic Records and Earth grid healer, I connect in with the stones, sea, land and animals for massive healing on all levels through multiple timelines.

I teach women who are witchy and wild at heart to self-heal and reclaim their intuitive power for life-changing magickal outcomes.

If you want to feel freaking incredible waking up each day, empowered, vibrant, emotionally balanced and connecting with your higher self every single day, living your life guided by your intuition and spirit team, and throwing in a bit of moon cycle and cosmic alignment...with a dash of modern nature witch practices then you are in the right place...

Plant yourself here and stay awhile. Let's explore your Inner Sacred Earth see what magick is calling to be reawakened.

Everything I embody in my life and business comes from my deep connection to Mama Gaia as the Divine Feminine Goddess and healer.

In our co-created mentorships and Akashic energy healing sessions, we focus on clearing and healing past and present energies to get you feeling better NOW so that you can embody your highest future timeline, that one that excites the hell out of you and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning saying, "This gets to be my life!!"

You are choosing NOW to tap into your deep intuitive power to co-create your most beautiful, aligned life on Earth. And let me tell you, Mama Gaia and the Earth Spirits REALLY want to help you in this journey! They are sitting here excitedly waiting for you to get started.

This is an embodiment of self-healing, of self-nurturing and self-compassion that is rooted in Nature practices to get you feeling empowered, vibrant, emotionally balanced and connecting in with your higher self and spirit team every single day.

You get to choose which energies to support you in your journey. You are the sovereign creator of your own reality.

Oh and also while making the world a better place for your kiddos and the next generation...

We do that around here too.

By healing ourselves, we extend that healing to our future generations and the future versions of Earth herself (and also to past generations who didn't have the tools available to do this work.) This is a path of big, world-changing, ripple-effect level results and past/present/future healing and ultimate soul alignment.

If your intuition is screaming "Yes!" I'd love to explore what magick we can create together.

When you begin to unravel lifetimes of spiritual and witch wounding, persecution, judgment, and negative energies that were imprinted on you, you Reclaim the Witch within.

The Witch within is your wild inner woman who speaks up for herself and shares her truths with the world.

She is your empowered voice, your higher self, your inner intuitive muse who gets to call the shots and make decisions for how to guide your life forward.

UNBOUND is a Group Program experience in which you will build a foundation to deeply heal and release the past through energetic alignment in the Akashic realm. Expect major mindset shifts and subconscious reprogramming so that you're fully able to embrace your unique spiritual and creative gifts from your highest self-expression.

As a record keeper of the Earth I connect in with the stones, sea, land and animals for massive healing on all levels - past life/generational/current life.

I'm here to guide you on your Akashic path when you're ready!

Here's a few places we can begin:

Imagine you step into the largest ethereal library...Where each book on the shelf is a path you can step into, each book is a timeline you can leap into...

Each book holds a piece of your soul story and brings clarity to your earthly existence...

This is the Akashic Records, and this place is accessible to you.

If you're ready to embody your highest timeline for your soul's path, let's get started.

To see how we can co-create your unique version of a magickal, beautiful life led by your higher self and guided by Mama Gaia and your spirit team let's chat!

You're being called now to step into this path of soul alignment and reconnection to your Higher Self.

It's time to embrace that your version of a fulfilling life isn't going to be found outside of yourself.

It's time to stop hiding who you truly are and to embrace your inner truth and POWER.

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Tune in to the podcast weekly for a unique take on modern spirituality and nature witchcraft as an entrepreneurial mama and how you can begin your own journey, without having to follow the "rules" (we toss the "rules" out around here!)

You feel the call to awaken the divine feminine within, rediscover your Witchy Nature, and reclaim the Witch as a powerful divine feminine Goddess. Throughout history, Witches have been persecuted for practicing their intuitive healing arts - it's time to reclaim our inner power and take back the word Witch from the patriarchy. I'm an Aries Sun, Virgo Rising, Aquarius Moon, bringing you practical and mystical tools for your witchy intuitive path, embracing your inner divine feminine Goddess power. It's time to reawaken the Witch within and heal the wounds of the past. You were born ready.

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