The 3-Day Energetic Reset Retreat: Move from imposter syndrome and self-doubt to building confidence and a deep sense of purpose and impact in your life and business

Are you ready to embrace your inner power, shift your energy and let go of those feelings of "less than" or "not good enough?" You know that little voice of your inner critic that tells you that you can't pursue your big dreams?

If you're ready to take back your power and gain fierce clarity on your big wild vision for your life and business then join me in the Free 3-day energy shifting retreat.

If you often feel stuck in cycles of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, and feeling like you’re not good enough or talented enough to pursue your goals,

and you’ve tried all the things and not seen the changes you wanted to see…

But what’s really blocking you is that you didn’t get to the root of why you’re really stuck.

You’ve gone to coaches, you’ve tried programs, and you didn’t see the results you desired…

You may have tried different modalities and therapies but you’re still feeling a piece is missing that you just can’t see.


The root of why you're stuck isn't going to be found by beating yourself up and forcing yourself to take action.

You have things deep in your subconscious mind that you may not be aware of that need to be released for you to actually move forward.

Does this sound like you?

You often get super excited about something you’re doing in your business, only to back out of it at the last minute, change plans, or go into hiding because you feel like an imposter? 

You start a running list of questions through your mind, “Who am I to promote this service/ release this podcast / do this Facebook live…”

You’re stuck in self-sabotage but can’t figure out why.

Sometimes it feels as if your brain is working against you, even though you deeply desire to shift into your most powerful self with a thriving mindset. And you’re left wondering why you aren’t following through on your goals despite your big purpose and your “why” behind those goals.

It feels like something is keeping you from moving forward and taking action, but you're not entirely sure what or how to shift from stuck to inspired action.

As a former corporate working mom who has built my creative coaching business from the ground up, I’ve been stuck in this cycle of self-doubt before, and I know full well how it feels to gain some momentum, only to back out and self-sabotage because it feels safer than putting myself out there to face judgment.

If you are feeling stuck in an endless loop of negative cycles of self-talk and self-doubt when it comes to stepping into your own version of power and success, then I’d love for you to join me in the 3-day Energetic Reset Retreat.

This Retreat is going to help you:

Step fully into pursuing your goals without letting the negative inner self-talk and self-sabotage hold you back

Shift into self-confidence and self-trust that you have everything needed inside of you to embrace your most powerful self

Discover how your subconscious mind might be sabotaging your best efforts (and how you can reprogram at your own pace without beating yourself up)

Get a quick-win energetic reset to refresh your business and life goals and get you fired up to take aligned action on your goals

Learn conscious vs. subconscious mindset tools and combine both for powerful results in your life and business

Get super clear on your next steps in your business, by embracing your unique intuition and power and giving yourself grace and self-compassion to move at your own pace guided by your intuitive power

Shift your energy to manifest your business goals in a way that’s sustainable for you and doesn’t involve burning out, hustling 24/7 or doing things you don’t enjoy or things that don’t feel intuitively good to you.

The Free 3-day Retreat will be hosted on a private podcast feed on the Moms with a Purpose Show, and all you need to do is sign up to get on this list and you'll get everything you need to access all materials the week of the retreat.

The Retreat also includes:

A free intuitive journaling guide and workbook to help you reflect and shift your energy throughout our time together

Audio lessions released daily on a private podcast feed

Energetic-shifting hypnosis audios to anchor into your new empowering beliefs

A private Facebook community to ask questions, chat with other moms and dive deeper into the lessons to uncover what is calling to be released from your subconscious mind during the retreat

The private podcast feed will be available for a limited time after the retreat ends (for those who sign up)


Bonus: Live group hypnosis and energetic activation hosted live on Zoom on Day 4 (October 21) of the retreat so that you can walk away feeling powerful and fired up to show up to your business in a way that aligns with your intuition and unique energy and is sustainable for you!

Are you ready to move from imposter syndrome and self-doubt to building confidence and a deep sense of purpose and impact in your life and business? Join me at the retreat!

This is going to be so powerful for you to experience an energetic shift and activation so you can fully step into pursuing your big, wild goals consistently and sustainably, in a way that honors your unique energy and intuition!