Self-Hypnosis Journey

Use this self-guided hypnosis journey for Stepping into Your Power and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs that will reframe your thoughts and open you up to powerfully receiving your manifesting energy in order to step into your own success and start taking action on your goals in your business and life.

All you need for this journey is a quiet and comfy place (headphones recommended) and an open mind.


The self-hypnosis walks you through the seven chakras to heal and release anything stuck so you can REACH FOR MORE in your life unapologetically.

All you need to do is find a quiet and comfy spot, and be very open to receiving the self-hypnosis transmission. You may listen to the self-hypnosis as many times as you feel called to – daily, weekly, or monthly. 

I recommend drinking a lot of water, resting and journaling about what came up for you after the session.

I believe in dreaming big


That a rising tide raises all ships


Together we are stronger


We are all in this together