Step into your power as a modern spiritual mom pursuing your purpose in the world

You have a desire to embrace your authenticity and reclaim your inner divine feminine power...

You also desire:

A life that is built on your own terms

Time freedom to be able to travel and spend time with your family and friends

Financial security and abundance

Sense of peace and calm in your life and a feeling that you’re living life on purpose

To take care of yourself in spirit, body and mind so you can show up in a way that is energetically filling rather than draining

Being comfortable and confident with who you are so you can step into your higher purpose to serve the world in your unique expression

To leave a lasting impact and legacy in all that you do and be an example for your kids of what purposeful living looks like

Safety to show up in your full expression, knowing that when you do, your life takes on a powerful intuitive flow, free from judgement, negativity, self-doubt and uncertainty


Introducing the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Membership - a monthly intuitive and spiritual healing membership that meets you where you're at, and deeply nurtures and supports you in your unique journey.

This can all be your reality!

  • And you’re actually right on time!
  • In the Mom Intuitive Healing membership you are going to embrace your unique journey with self-compassion and apply the self-healing tools that will help you in getting to where you desire to be.
  • This isn’t a forceful process, but a gentle healing journey.
  • And it’s a month-by-month intuitive and mystical journey with various guided topics featured each month throughout the year.
  • Including 3 live group events per calendar month – held on Zoom and Facebook Live.

You really want to listen to your intuition more, but are uncertain of where to begin...

Let's Get Real for a Minute...

The Mom Intuitive Healing Circle was born from my realization that once I started to open up my divine channels to my higher self and follow my intuition to build my life, on my terms, the road opened up before me like it never had in the past.

The Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Membership is the first step toward gaining that reconnection with your intuitive power and with your higher self... and to re-awakening your Divine Feminine Power within to manifest your most beautiful and abundant life on Earth.

The Membership will not only allow you to explore your unique intuitive development but also honor and build your intuitive calling to help shift the vibration of the planet, in turn bringing so much collective light, love and healing to yourselves, your families, your clients and anyone else that feels the impact of your soul connections.

This is about so much more than manifesting the million dollar business (although we’ll do that too if that’s your goal!) But it’s about manifesting that life you are so excited to wake up in the morning to GET TO DO. About manifesting that path that calls to your from your soul; the one that won’t shut up. It’s not shutting up for a reason – until you start following and listening to your inner calling, it will keep calling to you and putting signs in your path.

"Mmmm thank you! I got clear on some details of my manifestation thank you! It's 'out of sight' but it's there! Love this."
Brianna Hosack
Aligned Impact and Productivity Coach for Spiritual Boss Moms
"Kelli's hypnosis and reiki session was incredibly powerful to me. I was able to lean into my intention with the support of her words and energy. I experienced a wave of healing for myself that touched some of my most wounded parts. It's like there were chains I was carrying that I'd forgotten about and I could see clearly enough to allow myself to set them down and move forward with freedom."
Confidence for Empath, HSP, & ADHD Women
Sales, Marketing, Client Relationships, Mindset, EQ
"That was beautiful, I had a bright white/blue colour. The image I had of the lioness was a big bold beautiful golden coat with piercing blue eyes." (taken from Lion's Gate energy healing meditation, Aug. 2023)
Naomi Quinn
Mindset and Life Coach

Before Joining the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle:

After Joining the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle:

When you join the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle, you'll gain access to all of this plus more as the membership is updated monthly:

"I had my intuitive reading with Kelli Femrite this morning and I am BLOWN AWAY! Not only was she very accurate and on point, but in a 15 min card pull/intuitive reading she got to the the root of my main problem in my business lately and RELEASED what was blocking me."
Brianna Hosack
Aligned Impact and Productivity Coach for Spiritual Boss Moms
"I had my intuitive reading with Kelli Femrite this morning and I am BLOWN AWAY! Not only was she very accurate and on point, but in a 15 min card pull/intuitive reading she got to the the root of my main problem in my business lately and RELEASED what was blocking me."
Brianna Hosack
Aligned Impact and Productivity Coach for Spiritual Boss Moms
"I had a sore lower left side of my back that has been problematic for over a year. A few days after our energetic alignment session the pain is gone. It's now been 2 months and the pain has not returned!"
Laura Kamark
Web Developer and Designer for Female Entrepreneurs
"I had my intuitive reading with Kelli Femrite this morning and I am BLOWN AWAY! Not only was she very accurate and on point, but in a 15 min card pull/intuitive reading she got to the the root of my main problem in my business lately and RELEASED what was blocking me."
Brianna Hosack
Aligned Impact and Productivity Coach for Spiritual Boss Moms

What You Can Expect

Step 1

Create an aligned intuitive road map you can use in your life to eliminate doubt, overwhelm, and fear.

Step 2

Learn techniques to release stuck emotions and energy so they don’t hold you back from bringing your unique light and talents to the world daily.

Step 3

Gain fierce clarity, a sense of purpose, resolve & resilience while taking intentional aligned action steps toward your big, wild goals and manifestations.


Become the Creative Director of Your Own Life...Learning to Trust Your Intuition on a Deep Level

Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Membership

You are the creator of your own reality, and you get to choose to show up for yourself in a big, bold and unapologetic way!

By joining the Membership you are taking that next step toward your ultimate intuitive empowerment and doing something for YOURSELF as a Mama who always takes care of everyone else!

It's time to take care of you, and in this space you are very divinely held and safe to explore the deepest depths of your soul.

Then join us in the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Membership!

Monthly Membership Price - Pay as you go, no contract


Save $58 when you pay in full for 12 months plus receive a 60-minute 1:1 ultimate energy healing Akashic session with me ($222 value) AND 11% off all 1:1 Future Service Bookings!


*Optional add-on Voxer coaching for $99 per month - You get access to an intuitive empowerment mentor (me) Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm CST to ask questions or explore your intuitive journey. Ask me anything that is on your mind; there's never judgment in this space. And I'll only support you in the most nurturing way possible.

"Kelli will ask thought provoking questions to ensure her clients are considering all angles of the situation in order to make a decision that serves their highest good. She takes the success of her clients personally and is inspired by each individual’s personal passions. I have had much success in working with Kelli to help me tap into my personal intuition and take aligned action steps towards my goals
Private Client, working on career change

Here's how it works:

1. Choose a payment option

Pay in full for the most savings and bonuses, or be billed monthly. Once you choose your payment plan you’ll be redirected to the secure checkout page (*where you can also choose the add-on Voxer coaching package.)

2. Check your email for all the details.

You will receive a welcome email from with all the details of logging in to the Member’s Dashboard and how to access the Member’s Only Facebook Group.

3. Log in and get started.

Watch the lessons and do the work. You can move at your own pace (you’re never behind) but you’ll also get a weekly email from me introducing each module so you always know what to do next!

Check out the weekly schedule of live healing events and intuitive insights readings, posted in the Member’s Dashboard. We have at least 3 live events per month on Zoom and FB Live.

Join Risk Free

If you are not satisfied with the membership you can cancel anytime in the first 7 days of purchase.

After 7 days you will still be charged for the first month of membership, but upon cancellation may receive a partial refund for the subsequent months if on a 12-month subscription.

I get it. You are probably wondering what is different about the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Membership in comparison to all of the other communities out there for intuitive spiritual healing and awakening.

Here’s the most common Questions I’ve received about the Membership so far:

This is a space where your divine feminine will be honored and nurtured so you may unapologetically call back your power and step into your intuitive path, learning to trust in your journey and allowing yourself to get into divine feminine flow to co-create an intuitive road map for your life and career/business.

This membership focuses on interaction – with 3 live events per month, you’re not only getting access to live healings and intuitive trainings, but also a library of resources in a Members’ only portal (on MemberVaule) including self-hypnosis and meditations to help you along in your journey.

Perfect! That’s exactly why I created this membership. It’s so you can lean into deep inner trust of your unique intuitive calling, reconnecting with your higher self and spirit team daily to guide your life path forward. If you are coming into this membership not knowing your life direction, you’re in exactly the right place!

Yes, if you decide within the first 7 days of signing up that this isn’t the space for you, you’ll be entitled to a full refund. If you cancel after the 7-day period, you’ll be entitled to a partial refund based on your subscription package.

We use tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, runes, divinely channeled messages, Akashic Records, Holy Fire Reiki, Spiritual Intuitive Hypnosis, and more.

Yes! I offer an add-on Voxer coaching package for an energetic exchange of $99/month. This is 3 days/ week Voxer access during business hours, Monday – Friday, 9am to 3pm CST. for anything coming up in your personal journey. There is never judgment in this space and anything goes!

Nope! If you are completely new to this, welcome! All levels of spiritual journeys are welcome here; we don’t judge and we don’t turn anyone away. I pride this space in being a very welcoming, nurturing judgment-free zone.

Have a question I didn’t answer here? Email me at

"INCREDIBLE OFFER!!!! Ladies her membership is 🔥🔥🔥 - MORE THAN WORTH IT!"
Brianna Hosack
Aligned Impact and Productivity Coach for Spiritual Boss Moms

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Why I Created the Membership

You know that feeling you get when you’re just completely defeated, you get home after a long day at the office, and you just want to sit and drink a bottle of wine because you want to erase the memory of what happened that day?

Yea, that is what happened to me when I squashed my intuition in my former career and didn’t stand up for myself. Not listening to our inner voice causes more harm than good.

And trust me, I was that straight-A student, always striving to be the best; to impress people with my talents; to do things maybe I didn’t always want to do because it would “look good.”

But when I woke up and realized that I was living my life for someone else’s version of what success was supposed to look like, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Why was I letting this outdated patriarchal “American Dream” dictate what I wanted for my life?”

It took me 35 years to come to realize that I had the power within me to lead my life all along; it was there as a child, before I was influenced by my outer world. Before I succumbed to the outside influences of society telling me what was right and what was wrong.

I just had to reignite the passion inside me and return to myself – the self that lives in love and trust that all is well, that I am taken care of, that I’m protected even in my days of doubt and uncertainty. That I can live the way I’m being guided to, because that is the best way for my soul to live.

I want this to be so much the norm for my daughter, and your children, and all of the children that are born into this world at a time that is so very turbulent, and uncertain in the outer realms. In the inner realms I want them to feel the comfort and peace of knowing that they are exactly who they are meant to be, in this precise time and space, in this place in the universe.

It’s why I created this Membership, and it’s why I continue to show up every single day to share my messages with the world. It’s not only to heal ourselves as Mothers, but to Heal the Mother Line, and in turn never let our children feel the suffering that our ancestors had to endure.

The Mom Intuitive Healing Circle is so much more than another course or program that you’ll leave to collect dust. It’s an experience of rediscovering your intuition led by your higher self and taking back your inner power to start manifesting a life that both excites you and makes you proud to lead as an example for your kiddos.

It’s also a very nurturing and divine feminine-led space that will make you feel you are being deeply held in the arms of the Great Mother.

You’ll not only learn the spiritual and intuitive tools to deeply explore your intuition and align your mind/body/soul to transform into your powerful self that is buried within, but you’ll also be joining a movement of raising the vibration of the planet.

At this point I've given you all the information I have to help you decide if the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle is the right next step for you. 

If you’re still on the fence, just send me an email at and let me know what’s holding you back from jumping in!

I can’t wait to help you rediscover and nurture your intuitive power and co-create your most magickal, divinely inspired life on earth!