You become an embodiment of Divine Feminine Power by reclaiming the WITCH within you.

When you begin to unravel lifetimes of wounding, persecution, judgment, hate, disappointment, negative energies and stagnant vibes that weren't really even yours to carry, you Reclaim the Witch within.

The Witch within is your wild inner woman, raw in nature, dancing around the fire under a full moon.

She is you holding your boundaries, protecting your peace and energy, not allowing others to bulldoze you, tear you down, or infringe on your sovereignty.

She is you taking back the power over your own life, choosing to be free and happy, embracing your inner child, having fun.

She is you exploring what your inner authentic light means to you, not to anyone else, but to YOU.

The Witch within you is your empowered voice, desiring to be seen, heard and understood.

She is your gentle Mother healer within that provides nurturing support when the healing process gets tough.

She is your courage embodied, the inner lioness, and your inner fire unleased.

She is raw, wild, and loving. She embodies unconditional love, free of judgment.

She is one with nature, Mama Gaia, Pachamama, the Great Mother, the Mother Goddess.

She is infinitely supported by forces seemingly too big to fully grasp as a human being but omnipresent and unconditionally loving.

She is the source of power and of divininity, embodied.

She is the Maiden, Mother and Crone, all in one.

When you embody and accept the Witch within, you embody Divine Femininity in its original expression.

You return to nature, return to the Earth as a protector, a warrior.

You become one with the planets, moon, stars, with the animals, plants and with all organic and inorganic materials.

You UNBIND yourself from the stories of past disempowerment.

You RECLAIM your power and inner light.

You recognize your darkness/shadow but aren't consumed by it.


You embody the Sacred Divine Feminine.

You RE-IMAGINE what the WITCH embodies in a world that stripped away the Divine Feminine Healers' powers.

This is the ultimate reclaiming of your Inner Sacred Witch - She who is a Woman in Total Control of Herself.

Join me in UNBOUND: A Witchy Multi-Dimensional Healing Experience.


  • This 8-session group healing experience will help you to dig deeply and uncover what is calling to you to bring to the surface to be healed/transformed/transmuted so you can reclaim your most authentic, witchy, soul-led, spirit-led life on Earth.
  • Because while we’re living on this spinning rock in the universe, we may as well create the reality that lights up our souls, am I right??

Join UNBOUND Earlybird Sign-Up and save $200 off plus get a Bonus 1:1 private healing session with me.

In this submersive group healing experience you will:

Ready to join this incredible, powerful group program in UNBOUND: A Witchy Multi-Dimensional Healing Experience?

We begin the week of April 8th, 2024, and will have live 1-hour meeting sessions on Zoom every 2 weeks through the week of July 15, 2024. You'll also get access to a Group Voxer Chat for the duration of the program, available for questions, support, intuitive mentoring and anything else that comes up Monday - Friday, 10am to 2pm Central Standard Time.

There is an option to Bundle Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 Placement with the UNBOUND Program.

Holy Fire Reiki 1 will allow you to heal yourself, in-person clients, family and friends, and yes, even pets/animals! This is a deeply healing, transformative modality that will completely burn away layers of stagnant energies not serving you. I highly recommend getting Reiki Placements for continual self-healing and self-clearing, even if you do not have a desire to use the modality with clients!

"Kelli Elizabeth is incredible at what she does! Her reiki has healed things in me that I can't even explain (like not being able to sit with my feet on the floor), and a broken toe - seriously. Who is walking around fine within a few days?! I can't get enough of Kelli, lol."
Brianna Hosack
Certified Shamanic Practitioner & Duality Coach
"Kelli's hypnosis and reiki session was incredibly powerful to me. I was able to lean into my intention with the support of her words and energy. I experienced a wave of healing for myself that touched some of my most wounded parts. It's like there were chains I was carrying that I'd forgotten about and I could see clearly enough to allow myself to set them down and move forward with freedom."
Confidence for Empath, HSP, & ADHD Women
Sales, Marketing, Client Relationships, Mindset ,EQ

Ahhh amazing Kelli!!! You have such a beautiful energy to hold space for people while they go through their records, there is no ego there where you feel like you have to lead, you empower people to see what they find and lean into their own power. That's really special 🩷
Jess Tilly
Certified Dream Design Coach, Human Design Expert
"The way you're infusing the Reiki with the hypnotherapy and your deep inner knowing of energy is extraordinary. Someone can't really be trained on what you've provided here, as much as I feel like you've discovered your natural gifts. I'm so grateful to be on this path of spiritual growth and love and connection and womanhood with you!"
Vanessa Standard
#1 International Best- Selling Author, Creator of the Face Confidence Solution
"I had my intuitive reading with Kelli Femrite this morning and I am BLOWN AWAY! Not only was she very accurate and on point, but in a 15 min card pull/intuitive reading she got to the the root of my main problem in my business lately and RELEASED what was blocking me."
Brianna Hosack
Certified Shamanic Practitioner & Duality Coach
"Kelli will ask thought provoking questions to ensure her clients are considering all angles of the situation in order to make a decision that serves their highest good. She takes the success of her clients personally and is inspired by each individual’s personal passions. I have had much success in working with Kelli to help me tap into my personal intuition and take aligned action steps towards my goals
Private Client, working on career change

I want you to think for a moment how it would feel to step into this path, really claiming your Inner Witch as the powerful, sovereign Divine Feminine energy she is?

What You Can Expect

8 Live 1-hour Zoom Sessions

Beginning the week of April 8, 2024 we will have 8 live zoom sessions, rotating between mystical intuitive empowerment mentoring and group healing sessions. The sessions will be held every other week, to allow ample integration time. It’s my belief this deep spiritual and releasing work requires extended time for integration and energetic support.

Group Voxer Chat

Everyone who joins the program will gain access to a Group Telegram Chat, where you can ask questions, get mentoring advice, and network/chat with other group member. The chat will be available for the duration of the program, my “office hours” will be Monday – Friday, 10am to 2pm Central Standard Time.

Ritual Work

Each week you will get access to moon and witchy rituals to use to supplement your healing journey within the program. The rituals will be posted in the Group Members’ area and in Telegram. You’ll be building your own witchy toolbox to return to anytime you need to for an extra boost and support in  your journey.

This is a journey inwards and a deep call for transformation and shedding of energies that no longer serve you, but it's also a call to empower your Inner Witch as the Divine Feminine Leader just wanting to be awakened and wanting to guide your life toward those magickal outcomes.

This journey should be both healing and FUN, because everything doesn't have to be so serious all of the time. Heavy energetic release work requires lightheartedness, and so you can expect funny memes, jokes and even a kick in the pants by your spirit guides (kind of like "hey, we told you to do that months ago, lol."

UNBOUND: A Witchy Multi-Dimensional Healing Journey

So come play, shed energies together, find your voice and power, and unleash your Inner Witch.

You are the creator of your own reality, and you get to choose to show up for yourself in a big, bold and unapologetic way! That way has lead you right here, where you were intrigued by what it means to embody your Inner Witch, am I right?

By joining UNBOUND you are taking that next step toward your ultimate empowerment, rediscovering and honoring your Inner Witch (that powerful mama that lives inside and guides your life in a way that allows you to stand up in your full self-expression, not holding back on creating a life you love, that is also FREAKING FUN!

In all of my spaces you are always very divinely held and safe to explore the deepest depths of your soul, both the light and the shadows.

Then join me in UNBOUND: A Witchy Multi-Dimensional Healing Experience!

Option 1 – UNBOUND Program only

UNBOUND - Earlybird Pay in Full


UNBOUND - Earlybird Payment Plan
2 monthly payments of


Option 2 – Add on Holy Fire Reiki 1 Placement

UNBOUND - Earlybird Pay in Full


UNBOUND - Earlybird Payment Plan
2 monthly payments of


Holy Fire Reiki is a deeply healing and powerful experience in which you'll continue to shed layers of past beliefs that no longer serve your present purpose. By going through the process of holy fire reiki placement in Level I, you'll be able to provide reiki healing for yourself, anytime you feel called to, as well as in person sessions with clients, friends, family and yes / even pets and other animals.

*Ask me about Extended Flexible Payment Options.

Here's how it works:

1. Choose a payment option

Pay in full for the most savings and bonuses, or be billed monthly. Once you choose your payment plan you’ll be redirected to the secure checkout page.

2. Check your email for all the details.

You will receive a welcome email from with all the details for UNBOUND: A Witchy Multi-Dimensional Group Healing Experience.

3. The program begins the week of April 8, 2024.

We will have 8 total live Zoom sessions during the group program. As we get closer I will release the detailed group session times/dates that work best for all participants.

Join Risk Free

If you are not satisfied with UNBOUND: A Witchy Multi-Dimensional Healing Experience, you can cancel anytime in the first 7 days of program start date (week of April 8, 2024).

After 7 days in the program you will still be charged for your first payment, but upon cancellation may receive a partial refund for the subsequent payments if you selected a payment plan.

Have a question about UNBOUND? Email me at

Why I Created UNBOUND

Have you ever been afraid to speak up, to speak out, or to tell your truth?

Have you wondered where that fear manifested from?

I found myself afraid to fully speak my truth, because I was afraid that people would judge me, mock me, persecute me or worse, call me a fraud!

I noticed this fear manifested in various areas of my life – even before they shifted into me embodying and accepting my current path as witch, akashic energy healer, and intuitive mentor.

It was when I was afraid to speak up for the kids getting bullied in grade school, for fear that I would then be bullied (fear of persecution). 

It was when I held myself back from telling someone with loud, opinionated beliefs that I disagreed with them because their beliefs were hateful, racist, or derogatory (fear of retaliation).

It was when I went along with the crowd in my early 20s and did what everyone else was doing, instead of leaning into my own intuition to guide my life (fear of being looked at as “other,” “different.”)

It was feeling a need to be accepted more than a need to honor my own soul calling.

It was when I stayed in jobs too long that didn’t fulfill me, because of a reliance on a system that wasn’t built for me – a system that keeps people chained up feeling like they owe their time and energy to causes that aren’t even promoting what their true ideals and values are.

It was when I did finally break free from that traditional path, but then found myself again afraid to speak out loud what I TRULY wanted to be doing in my life and business.

It was when I was afraid to share the messages I was hearing coming through in intuitive client sessions, because I didn’t want clients to be angry or frustrated, or to judge me and call me a fraud! 

Without realizing it, I was holding back a big part of my spiritual gifts and abilities out of a deep fear of judgment and persecution.

But more than anything I was not honoring who I was at a deep level, because I was AFRAID of how others would respond to me. 

I was afraid of what they would think of me; what they would judge my life to be.

It wasn’t until I unpeeled the layers to reveal what was underneath my outward facing fear and uncertainty, that I came to understand that years of hiding in the shadows was a result of lifetimes of hiding in the shadows. It was a result of generations of hiding; of being afraid; of the embodied fear of persecution and alienation.

When I began to slow down and get curious about what lies beneath the surface, what I uncovered was pure magic hidden in the darkness.

You might be feeling called to a path that scares you…You’ve felt the nudges, you’ve seen the signs, but you’re hesitant because of how it will look to others, how your family will perceive you, how your friends will react, how your community will respond.

Becoming aligned with your higher self and inner witch is going to piss a lot of people off, it’s going to trigger the F out of them, it’s going to bring their insecurities to the surface, it’s going to make them say mean things; take cheap shots at you.

When that happens, it will inevitably trigger underlying wounds in you – the Witch Wound, the Healer’s Wound. 

When you speak your truths and then others respond in judgmental or off-putting ways, it triggers that deep seated fear of persecution and serves as a reminder of why you were hiding in the shadows in the first place.

Part of this process is embracing your path regardless of how it makes others feel.

Because you weren’t put on this planet to please others. You were put here for a purpose, one that you’re uncovering each day.

This is your call to follow that path that logically makes little sense to a 3D world and trust that it’s leading you to something incredible.

This is your call to trust that you’re ascending beyond the ordinary.

That those who give you unconditional love and support will be there even if they don’t understand fully; and the others who don’t embody that love and support will naturally fall away.

And it’s no fault of yours. It’s just that they aren’t ready to step into unconditional love and acceptance of your soulful path.

They may be ready one day; but for now this is your life.

This is your path. 

At this point I've given you all the information I have to help you decide if UNBOUND: A Witchy Multi-Dimensional Healing Journey is the right next step for you. 

If you’re still on the fence, just send me an email at and let me know what’s holding you back from jumping in! I’m very friendly and open and am happy to answer any of your pressing Q’s!

I can’t wait to help you rediscover and nurture your Inner Witch and co-create your most magickal, divinely inspired life on earth!