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How to Begin Your Day With a Grounding Intuitive Practice for the Mind, Body and Soul

My morning routine consists of waking up, and engaging in a 15-30 minute mind/body/soul intuitive practice, that begins with 5-10 minutes of light yoga/stretching followed by a 5-10 minute meditation (sometimes longer, depending on timing.) I then write in my Tarot Journal, outlining my intentions and what I’m grateful for on that particular morning. Most mornings I am now practicing self-reiki on myself since becoming attuned as a Holy Fire Reiki Level II Healer last month. If you’d like to read my experience with getting attuned as a Reiki practitioner, there is a new blog post coming soon on that!

I pull a Tarot or Oracle Card for that day, to see what energies are coming up for me. Check out my list of my favorite Tarot & Oracle decks here (I do receive a very small percentage if you use my affiliate link, but I only recommend products I have purchased and that I absolutely love.) I almost always have my chosen crystals nearby that I’m working with for the themes of the week or month. For calling in spring energies I have Purple Fluorite, Clear Quartz, Petrified Wood, and Serpentine.

After this 30 minute mindful wake up, I go about my regular morning routine. As someone who has experienced anxiety and bouts of depression, and has been bogged down by stress in the past, this has helped me focus on the positive aspects of my day and my life. I’d highly recommend starting your day with something that makes your mind and body feel good. Bonus if it also is one of your favorite activities. My favorites lately are Tarot/Oracle cards, meditations, walks in nature and of course sipping a great cup of coffee.

The following are activities you can start today, to start an intuitive morning practice and feel balanced in body, mind and soul:

  • Meditation: With the ability to clear your mind and bring focus to your mind/body connection, meditation has the ability to transform your morning routine. Try practicing every day for 5-10 minutes each session. You will start to notice a difference in your daily outlook. You’ll notice your mind becomes more clear, less hectic and you feel more balanced overall. If you are not the type who enjoys guided meditations, you can listen to meditation music without words, binaural beats, or specific frequencies of music accompanied to each chakra. I’ll have another blog post soon talking about the different frequencies that can actually help you achieve that balanced state you’re desiring. When you begin your day tuning in to your deeper inner self, your higher self, you’ll notice the shifts that will start happening.
  • Intuitive Card Practice: Purchase a deck or two or Oracle/Tarot cards to use as a prompt to guide your reflections and seek intuitive guidance. Add in some grounding crystals like Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Hematite to have around you as your tune in to divine support.
  • Journal about your current feelings, state or future vision of what you’d love to do. Connect the dots on any themes coming up in your morning ritual. Connecting themes will allow you to invite in what is meant to be in your life. Use my free Intuitive Goal Setting Workbook here to get daily prompts on getting started with an Intuitive Practice.
  • Get Some Movement In: I love to get some body movement in after my intuition deep-dive, such as a walk outdoors or a mini yoga or somatic movement session. The movement allows energy to flow through your body and reset, directing you to really let your morning ritual sink in. A bonus is grounding yourself in nature and with Mother Earth if you do choose to venture outdoors.
  • Do Something You Truly Enjoy: Before launching into the less-than-fun-activities we all need to do daily, it’s recommended to engage in an activity you actually enjoy. Even if this means spending 5-10 minutes reading a book for fun, writing in your journal, or just enjoying a cup of coffee before the hectic day starts – whatever your activity of choice – spending a little time doing this daily will make the rest of your day easier to deal with even if it’s challenging. My activities of choice lately include making a nice Honey Oat Latte, grabbing my Tarot deck and Journal, and getting intuitive messages from my higher self and spirit guides. I always feel so much more able to tackle my day when I begin it in a gentle, loving way.

Show up for yourself, trust your intuition, and everything else will fall into place.

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