Steps to manifesting positivity even though you’re in a less than ideal job situation

Steps to Manifesting Positivity Even Though You’re in a Less Than Ideal Job Situation

In society it is expected that if you graduate college, you should get a 9-5 job and build security by investing in your 401K and saving your nest egg for your future. Sure, it is nice feeling to be financially secure, but there comes a point where your need for security may hinder your creativity and true passions. Being in a job that is less than gratifying may also impact your positive mindset.

Making a Career Pivot

If you are questioning the path you are on in your career, it might be time to make a pivot. It’s not always possible to jump headfirst into your new endeavor due to family and financial responsibilities. However, even one small step a day could lead you to live a more fulfilling life and have a more meaningful career.

Have a Positive Mindset

True purpose and meaningful work starts from within by having a positive mindset. You can spin any situation to show up with a grateful heart despite your current job situation being less than ideal. Waking up every day in a bad mood will just set the tone for the rest of the day. You’ll never have a good day manifesting negativity from the onset of your day.

Steps to Manifesting Positivity even though you’re in a less than ideal job situation:

  1. The night before you are scheduled to work, set up the items you’ll need for the morning routine. If you make a kettle of tea each morning, pour the water into the kettle in the evening and set it on the stove. Lay out your children’s clothing and any items needed for daycare/school. Check schedules and special themed days on their calendars so you’re not taken by surprise in the morning. Setting yourself up for success in the morning is a great way to alleviate some of the negative energy they can pop up when we are in less than ideal job situation
  2. Forget the snooze button exists! This is coming from a serial snooze button user. For years, I would set my alarm for example, at 5:30am. I would then hit snooze 4-5 times and not get out of bed until 6:15am. When I finally stumbled out of bed, I didn’t feel more rested. I didn’t get another magical 45 minutes of rest. The snooze button is a psychological trick designed to make us believe we are getting more sleep, when in reality we’re just laying in bed tossing and getting interrupted every 5 minutes. Ditch the snooze. Try it for one week and I promise you’ll have a better mindset!
  3. Immediately after rising in the morning choose an activity that brings you calmness and balance. My activities include a yoga session, brief gratitude journal entry, and a few notes in my Passion Planner about my goals and desires. The routine takes around 30 minutes- you guessed it- less time than I used to spend hitting the snooze button every morning
  4. Make sure to manifest positivity to your spouse and children in your daily interactions. This becomes much easier on a daily basis when you take the time to reset your mind and perform your chosen morning meditation or exercise. A positive mindset is a choice we face each day. We can either choose to walk out into the world out of sorts and negative, or we can choose to manifest positivity and tackle the day with good intentions even if we are not in our most ideal job or life situation
  5. Make micro goals you can accomplish throughout the day to work toward your ideal life. If your ideal life involves quitting the 9-5 and starting your own business, then at moments within your work day take micro breaks and jot down your ideas. Keep a notepad on your desk dedicated to random thoughts and ideas that come to you during the day. You’ll be surprised at how many micro moments add up to larger ideas and eventual execution of your ideas.
  6. Redirect any negative energy that manifests itself and tries to get in your way. This can be in the form of complaining co-workers, clients, or a demanding email. Before you turn to a negative reaction, address and redirect. Address the negativity, acknowledge it and then release it. Then return to your positive mindset.
  7. Try to take a small midday break doing the activity you began with at the start of the day. Even if just a 5-minute meditation at your desk with headphones, or a 5-minute walk, any small breaks can reset the mind and prepare you to face the rest of the day with a continually positive mindset.
  8. End your day with an activity that completely relaxes you and clears your mind. For some that may be a bath, glass of wine, or a good book. Whatever your choice find 5 minutes to calm your mind and do this activity. It may be just staring at a blank wall. But if it allows you to take a breath and decompress the day, then so be it.

Okay…So How Do I Fit in All The Things I Want to Do?

You may be asking – Well what about the side hustle? Where do I find time to squeeze in my writing, my blogging, my product launch, my Etsy shop? Or if you’re job hunting- where do you find the time to apply for jobs, write and rewrite resumes, cover letters, manage Linked In?

Well, for the past 6 months since graduating with my MBA, I have been running nonstop without taking a break in all of these activities. It was not until recently my husband looked at me and said, “You need to take a break.”

Give Yourself Some Grace and Self-Care

It was a huge realization for me that I was going through the motions of my daily life but not truly living a life of purpose. After I realized that I needed a huge mindset reset. Being the sort of Type A planner that I am, I implemented a routine that allows me to work toward my goals, but in micro ways. If I have a free moment, I will jot an idea down for my writing or my business plan. But, the key is that I no longer allow any one of these activities to take over my life.

By slowing down and beginning each day with a positive mindset I feel like my goals are more achievable.

Check in with Your Mindset + Positivity

If the overwhelm and craziness of a life you may not feel aligned with is weighing you down, try to practice the steps outlined above and check-in with yourself after a week, two weeks, a month. The mind is everything, and what you think you can manifest is possible if you start each day with a positive thought and grateful heart.

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