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Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 10

Day 10 – 5/8/24

Turkey Manifesting, Olympics Dreams, Power of Visualization, Divine Masculine/Feminine, The “Secret”

Day 10 began with a gorgeous solo bike ride on the trail that begins in the local park near my house and goes for 20 miles out into the country.

On my ride out I looked ahead on the path and there was a wild turkey crossing the bike path!

So a backstory on why the turkey is so significant:

In Summer 2022 I rode my bike on this trail probably 3x a week and I always went out to the same spot, a bench that was way out past town, super quiet, usually nobody else around. That summer I began manifesting with earth energies, and I had gotten many signs and synchronicities that my desire was on its way to me.

In almost the same spot I had asked for $22,000 in 2022, (Yes, I see that synchronicity now!) was where I also found a turkey feather in the path. I took the turkey feather home and added it to my abundance altar at that time. (even though it freaked out my daughter, haha.)

Turkeys have a spiritual significance of nourishment and sustenance… and could indicate that you are about to enter a period of growth and prosperity.

So June 2022 goes by, then July, then August, and then September hits. I’m still riding the bike trail multiple times per week, still releasing all outcomes and calling in support to receive $22,000.

Mid September I got a letter in the mail informing me that I have $21,000 and change of undistributed dividends sitting in an account that apparently were a part of my former employer’s retirement account. They just sat and collected interest for 2 years and I had no clue about this account until receiving this letter.

The $22,000 I was manifested had arrived, in a totally UNEXPECTED WAY. I was floored.

So forever more I called that spot on the bike trail my “lucky turkey manifesting spot.”

Fast forward to this week, when an actual wild turkey runs across the same path, in the same spot, in front of me on the bike trail.

So I began my manifesting ritual again out there on the path, this time requesting $44,000 and releasing the outcome for the highest good. Suspending all disbelief.

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Back to the turkey manifesting – It sounds wild but it’s true, and here I am repeating the same steps I did in 2022, along with this added layer of “Suspending All Disbelief.”

I can’t wait to see how the universe will bring this $44,000 to me. I’m so excited and I know my success is inevitable.

Intuitive Messages from Spirit and Confirmations

After I got back from the bike ride I made myself some food because I was starving from all that calorie burning. 

I then settled in to give an intuitive card reading to my Coven membership ladies. 

Bri is the most loyal member who’s been with me since the beginning. She shows up to every single event. I love her so much for her loyalty and support and just how awesome she is. 

So she came on the live reading and it was incredible. It blew both of our minds. It blew us away with the information that was coming through for her.

She was asking for clarity and some information on her mastermind program that she’s putting out, which she channeled during the suspending disbelief challenge. She channeled all this information about this mastermind for the wild feminine.

She’s inviting seven women into this high level mastermind group that is going to be for the next seven months immersed in discovering their wild woman inner self, their essence, and completely recreating their brand and their business based on their wild woman essence.

This is completely incredible, life-changing, paradigm shifting stuff that she’s putting out there.

We got some card messages for her around what she’s putting out in her mastermind and her messaging and her copywriting and it’s all coming together so beautifully!

I was just so excited to help her and to share in this joyful experience with her because it’s amazing. She’s calling in those seven women, it’s happening, it’s happening. We’re all suspending disbelief that this gets to be our life.

After that card reading I was a sweaty hot mess because it was really warm outside and I was sitting outside doing the card reading. I love connecting in with Mama Earth to do intuitive readings, and especially receiving the positive power of the sun.

I went back inside and I sat down, and I was going to catch up on my blog posting, but I was just feeling like I needed to take a break.

I literally sat down to write and nothing was coming out.

I was looking through notes and posted a few things about my upcoming programs. I was doing some different items off my todo list because that’s what felt best in that moment. I didn’t feel inspired to write the blogs at that moment, and accepted that that was okay. Flowing with your intuition is going to look different day-to-day, and so honoring what you feel in the moment is a huge part of your energetic alignment.

Olympics Dreams and Divine Feminine/Masculine Merging Energies

After I sat down for a while and worked on those items, it was close to 3:30 and the time Emma was getting home from school.

Right now she’s really focused on getting her gymnastics moves for level three. After getting home from school she wanted to practice that straight away. So I went down in the basement with her to watch her practice and cheer her on.

Both Mike and I were helping her work through her getting the move she’s working on. He was helping her assist her on the bar and I was watching. 

At one point she was getting pretty frustrated because she has been working on this move for awhile and I can’t even remember the name of it. I’m so bad at remembering, but basically she flips all the way around the bar with her body weight and lands on her feet. 

Mike was assisting her. She was getting frustrated. She’s like, “I can’t get this. I just can’t get this. I can’t get my whole body over.”

And I just kept coaching her with mindset tools while he was helping her physically. In that moment I just had a realization, “Wow, this is it right here. This is what it’s all about. This energy right here with me helping her with her mindset and him helping her with her physical movements.”

That is the marriage right there that you want to be at when you are working towards a goal.

That is the merging of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. That is it right there. The empowered divine feminine being more intuitive and coaching and the empowered divine masculine being more action-oriented in a positive way.

When those two energies come together, you are fucking unstoppable. 

That was so beautiful to witness this playing out in real time.

It brought all of us closer together as a family and it was MAGICAL.

All of us were working towards a common goal, showing Emma that her dreams are inevitable and she’s always on the right path.  

I signed up for a yoga class that evening at 5:30. 

I left them to practice more gymnastics while I went to yoga. I got to attend a beautiful Slow Flow class with one of my favorite instructors. I really stretched my body out and meditated and it was SO good. It was a reminder I really need my mind/body/soul connection time each day.

As I was driving back home, five minutes from pulling in the driveway I get a phone call from Emma. 

She was super excited and said, “Guess what?!” I did it, I did it, I did the thing, I got my move, I did it, I did it.” And she was so excited and so happy to be able to master this move. And it was like the most incredible feeling hearing her say this and the pure joy and excitement behind her accomplishment.


I got home, I ran in, and I’m like, okay, show me, show me. 

She was getting a little frustrated again, and I could tell she was fatigued but determined to do more. 

So I told her, “Maybe you just need to take a break. This is a big accomplishment. Let’s just take a beat, let’s take a rest. You got a big accomplishment today, girl. You should be super proud of yourself. This is a big deal, but it’s okay to rest after a big accomplishment.”

I again felt like that was a mindset coaching moment. This is what I’m teaching my clients. You are allowed to rest after a big accomplishment. You don’t have to be rushing, rushing, rushing forward towards the next goal. Let yourself take a breath, take a beat. Enjoy your accomplishment. It’s a big deal and you should celebrate yourself!

We should enjoy what we have accomplished before rushing on to the next thing.

Of course she was so excited and wanted to keep practicing. So she did for a few minutes until dinner was ready and then we all settled down on the couch to eat tacos and watch the voice. But as soon as she was done eating, she took off for the basement again and wanted to keep practicing, which is totally cool. She’s excited and she really really wants to master this skill at her next gymnastics meet.

I went down with her, and she wanted to show me again.

She was getting it, but she was beating herself up a little because it wasn’t “perfect.”

So I just told her, “It doesn’t have to be perfect, Emma, you got it once. You can do this, you’ve done it once, your body has memory, you can do it again. You can visualize yourself doing it, you can do it again if you did it once.”

So I left her at that and went back upstairs to watch the voice. 

“The Secret” and the Power of Visualization

I got upstairs and decided I didn’t really want to watch the voice so I turned it off and tried searching for The Secret Part 2, since Jess was talking about listening to the audio book, but I don’t think there’s a film yet, so I just turned on the part one of The Secret and started watching that film.

I’ve seen the film before but it hit in a very different way this time.

I know about the law of attraction and manifesting and mindset and Universal laws.

But it was hitting me differently. 

This stuff is really truly what we are embodying in the suspending disbelief challenge. It’s crazy. It’s really what we’re embodying here. I seen this playing out in real time in every interaction I’ve had these past 10 days.

We are embodying these principles, but we’re taking it to a whole new level because we’re not just doing the visualizing part, but we are taking aligned action because that’s the step that a lot of manifesting gurus leave out when you first start studying the law of attraction.

Getting inspired into aligned action is a huge piece of the puzzle.

Emma came back upstairs after I had started watching The Secret.

They started talking about how you attract everything to you. And how thoughts attract things. When you think things, whether positive or negative, you attract them into the 3D reality.

Emma said, “wow, that makes so much sense.

I told her, “yeah, you know, like when we say in the morning, I hope the bus isn’t late. We’re attracting that bus to be late. But if we say, the bus is on time, I’m on time, everything’s fine, and everything is always working out for me, the morning seems to slow down and go smoother, right?”

We are constantly attracting everything into our realities. And she said, “my gosh, that makes so much sense. Wow, I didn’t think about it like that before.” And she’s eight and a half. 

She’s learning this information – “the secret” at the age of eight and a half.

Something I never did in my life. I didn’t watch any of that kind of stuff as a kid and not to fault my parents or anything. They just didn’t know. Their parents had no knowledge of anything like “The Secret.” 

We continue watching and they get to this point where they’re talking about an experiment with US Olympics athletes and the athletes. 

Their brain activity was monitored as they were visualizing themselves doing whatever sport that they were going to perform in the Olympics.

So you have these Olympics runners visualizing themselves doing the actual race and they’re all visualizing it hooked up to a brain monitor to monitor their brain activity. 

It turns out their brain activity mirrored almost exactly the brain activity of when they were actually performing the sport, in physical reality. 

So what they determined was that if you are able to visualize whatever you want to achieve, you are that much more likely to actually achieve it in the future.


Athletes use this visualization technique a whole lot.

It’s not really well known that a lot of athletes use visualization techniques (and hypnosis quite often, actually), but it’s super, super important for them because they can actually visualize themselves doing the thing that they most want to achieve. And if they visualize it over and over and over and over again, they are that much more likely to actually succeed when they get to the day of the event and they are less likely to be in their heads about it and to be anxious and to be thinking “I’m going to fail.” (Because the Law of Attraction states, if you think “I’m going to fail,” chances are high you will fail.

If they visualize their particular event a lot beforehand it gives them more confidence and calm, with more certainty that they actually will manifest that result .

Emma was watching that part with me and being a gymnast one of her big dreams is to be in the Olympics.

Before anyone says, “Well that’s a lot of work and a lot of dedication,” I just have to stop you for a second.

I have been encouraging with all my heart and soul for this dream because what would be even the point of me being a mindset intuitive coach and mentor and doing this whole challenge of suspending disbelief if I didn’t believe in my own kids dreams? Am I right?

Let’s think about that for a second. A lot of the time, and again, no fault to parents who do this or who did this in the past, or if it was our parents growing up, they didn’t know better, but once in a while you’d have a big dream, right? 

Say a kid has a dream to be a major league sports athlete. All it takes is like the parent to say a couple of times, “Well, you know, it’s going to be really hard for you to get there and it’s going to take away all your time from these other things and your social life. And maybe you should have a backup plan if it doesn’t work out.”

So if this kid is getting all of that feedback before they even attempt to pursue their dream, what do you think is going to happen to that dream? 

It is going to slowly fizzle out by the time they get past the stage in childhood where all dreams seem like a possibility, where everything is open and their intuition is on fire and they aren’t bogged down yet by the expectations of society.

Once they get past that age (usually by pre-teen age) they will start having these thoughts come in, “Maybe I can’t do that because it’s really hard. You know, my dad said that’s really hard, so maybe I should look at a more practical career. Maybe I should be a lawyer. Maybe I should go to medical school. Maybe I should get my MBA and work in some sort of business role. My dream isn’t ‘practical’.”

“Maybe that’s easier because this dream of  being a professional athlete is so hard.”

I want you to think about this the next time your kiddo has a big, big dream and how you respond to that dream. 

I’m not throwing shade on anyone. I am not criticizing anyone because it happens. But what do we do moving forward is what matters.

How will we choose differently next time?

When you know better, you do better.

We cannot live in the past and get caught up on what happened back then, but what do we do moving forward once we know better? 

Once we do better, we get out of those repeating cycles, and once we break the cycles of the generational stuff that was circling around in there because our ancestors didn’t know better, we can see the promise of tomorrow being better for our kids. This is generational healing at its finest.

This whole moment was really incredible watching the expression on Emma’s face and her whole soul lit on fire and she had this amazing expression that looked like, “Yes, I can do this. I can be an Olympic gymnast. I have this ability within me. I have this strength. I have this power. I have this determination. I can visualize this. I can do this.”

Afterwards she started telling me about how she’s had dreams about being in the Olympics and visualizations in her head of practicing her moves. She told me, “I’ve already been visualizing it. I’ve been having dreams of mastering these moves.”

I encouraged her to keep going. This is amazing. This is awesome.

This was an incredible, incredible moment to witness in real time.

Those were the highlights of day number 10. 

A lot more transpired than I had initially thought.

That’s a testament to our minds telling us one thing, i.e. “I have nothing to write about,” but then all of the sudden you start reviewing your day realizing, “I do have a ton to write about. A ton of stuff happened that is relevant to suspending disbelief.”

My dreams are inevitable and I’m always on the right path. 

There’s things happening left and right through every single person that I know.

Since this whole suspending disbelief challenge has started, it’s been incredible just to look at everything that happens through that lens because there is so much that you can take a lesson from.

And also, our brains like to tell us we haven’t accomplished much but when we actually go back and review, it turns out to be a lot.

When I started this I questioned if I’d have enough things to write about each day for 365 days.

Well here we are day 10, and so far I’ve had a new experience every day.

And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

I’d love to hear from you if you have energetically decided to join this challenge and what’s come up for you so far – and I’m celebrating you if you have joined and would love to support you further.

If you need extra accountability and support in this book a free call with me here to chat about how I can support your journey further via a number of different ways – as an intuitive empowerment mentor, modern witch and akashic energy guide I help you to reignite your souls’ purpose by clearing out energy that is not yours to carry (current life, past life), rewiring your subconscious mind and diving into your Akashic records for soul-level healing to reveal your highest aligned soul path forward in your life and business.

You get to suspend all disbelief that all this is possible for you, plus so MUCH MORE!

Share with me in the comments or by reaching out on social media tagging @kelli.femrite on Instagram or @KelliElizabeth on Facebook how you’re coming along in suspending disbelief. What feelings came up? What emotions surfaced? 


Examine your thoughts in a 24-hour period. Are they mostly positive, or mostly negative? Keep a log/journal of your thoughts and then when you have a negative or self-limiting thought, switch it around and change it to positive. You’ve got this!

I want to know what aha moments you have gotten so far! Please reply to this blog post and share!

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