Reconnect with your inner wisdom. (3)

Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 15, 16

Note: The next few posts will contain multiple days, as I catch up transcribing my notes from my voice notes app. Moving forward I’ll be posting a “round up” post each Wednesday, that will include a summary of 3-5 days prior. It’s now 6/1/24 as I’m catching up on these posts – rest assured I’ve still been suspending disbelief every single day, including a 5-day trip the UK – which I’ll be posting about soon along with amazing photos!

Day 15 – 5/13/24Day 15 was pretty bizarre.I woke up, made coffee, got Emma out the door, and I was taking a really slow morning doing my oracle and my tarot card pulls outside. I journaled, and then I caught up on my shamanism week three class replay where we get our class animal where we got to journey to meet our class animal which was a horse. I had a really beautiful morning, and a really beautiful journey, I met my class horse who was actually a dark black horse with big brown eyes and a little bit of white in her mane and tail.It was just incredible because connecting with the energy of the horse, I realized that at some point in my life, someone told me I couldn’t ride horses or that it was too dangerous or that we couldn’t afford it or something else had happened. It might’ve been a past life too. I’m not entirely sure yet. I’ll have to explore that in the Akashic Records or past life session.Anyways, it was just like this complete renewal of this passion that I had for the horse.  Just being in the horse’s beautiful, calm energy was so healing.After I finished up the replay I was actually sitting on my deck recording notes from Mother’s Day.When I got about five minutes into the recording, my dog started barking like crazy and a woman walked into my yard.She had an iPad in her hand. I looked at her shirt and her iPad had US Census Bureau stickers on it. She started talking and told me her name, and that she was from the US Census Bureau.She told me, “you were chosen as a house in Manhattan to participate in this census survey.” I guess it wasn’t the official census that’s happening in 2030, but it’s a random selection for a survey or something.I had kept ignoring the letters they were sending us thinking, I don’t have time. I kept ignoring it and apparently didn’t read the print on the letters that said, “if you don’t respond someone will come to your house.”

Ha. Yes, they did indeed just show up to my house out of the blue.

I didn’t actually expect someone to come show up at my house so that was interesting.

She asked if I had time right now and that it’ll only take about 20 minutes.

So I just said sure, I suspended my annoyance and I invited her in the yard. We sat down at the table and she started going through the questions.

The questions were the standard typical, what’s your date of birth, husband’s date of birth, daughter’s date of birth, how many people live here, what year was the house built in, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So then she gets to the part about asking about my job description. I told her that I own my own business, I’m self -employed.

She asked how many hours a week I work, what is your primary function?

So we get to that and I just say, “I would say alternative energy practitioner healer. I do spiritual life coaching, Reiki healing, hypnotherapy, things like that.”

And then she goes, “OK, thank you.”

She’s writing, typing all of that in her iPad.

And then she says, “okay, can I ask you a personal question?”

I say, “Sure.”

She says, “my friend, my beautiful friend who I love so much, she gifted me this healing my car.  It’s in my car. I don’t really have a use for healing crystals. It’s not that I think there’s something wrong with them. I just don’t personally use them.

She continues, “I have so much other stuff going on in my life. It’s not something I want to get into. I have ADHD, and I just like to stick to one type of thing or I get overwhelmed.” (interesting explanation…)

She also told me she was building a church in Tennessee (super interesting…)

She was sort of explaining away of like why she didn’t like crystals or whatever. She said, “Would you want to take the crystal? Would you take it? She said, “I would be happy if I can gift it to somebody who can use it. That would make me really happy because it was so nice of my friend to give me this crystal. It’s just, I don’t really use them.”

So I said, “sure, I’ll take the crystal.”

We get through the rest of survey. She begins to tell me about how she’s building a church in Missouri and that’s her big focus right

I did not ask her further details about it, because I was in total non -judgment mode.

This is a sign. I pulled the judgment card, tarot card, in the morning. This is a sign not to judge others who have different beliefs. And she’s sitting here being totally kind, giving me a free crystal, saying, if you could use it, take it.

It was this incredible moment of realization that two people could have completely different spiritual beliefs but still be sitting at the same table and find something in common just by talking. It’s that deep, deep understanding that we are all one no matter what our outside beliefs are.

We get to the end of the interview and she said, “OK, the crystal’s in my car. I can go get it.”

I honestly feel like I was getting some type of reward for being cooperative and non annoyed, haha. Because most often people will get annoyed at Census interviewers or really anyone that shows up knocking on your door randomly.

I walked out with her to go get the crystal. This whole experience felt so surreal and bizarre. She goes into her car to grab it and it’s actually a giant piece of selenite.

I told her, that’s selenite. It’s a really great crystal to ward off negative energies from you, protect your energy from negative people, to cleanse your energetic field, all those things. Your friend probably gifted it to you to kind of as a protection tool.

She asked, “So will you be able to use this or gift it to a client?”

I just said yes, I took it and thanked her, we said goodbye and it was nice to meet you. And she drove away. I went into my house and I was staring at the selenite, thinking, okay, this is weird. This is so bizarre that we were the only house selected for this survey and the actual Census is occurring in 2030.

And how in our entire city of 10 ,000 people we were the only household selected to do this community survey. And she chooses the house with the person who is obsessed with crystals. And she gives me a crystal.

Hahahahahahaha. SO BIZARRE.

And so I’m thinking to myself, this is so bizarre. This is so bizarre. I don’t know how to describe it. So I set the crystal down on my table. And then I started thinking and it stuck me to google the meaning of selenite. And part of the meaning of selenite is it’s a stone of mental clarity. Clarity enhances mental flexibility, enables strong decision -making abilities.

Selenite is also a stone used to work with the Angelic Kingdoms. Connection to the awareness of the Angelic Kingdoms understands that work by converging with our light body. So I was like really blown away by that.

So yes, needless to say I was very… it was just very bizarre. I got full on chills and I was thinking immediately, what if this could be a message from my angels? Sending this lady here to give me a piece of selenite to connect with them, saying everything’s gonna be okay. Everything you’re manifesting is on its way to you.

And so it is, right?

I had this thought, so I suspended disbelief. Yes, this is absolutely a message from my angels.

I also dug through the paperwork that was previously sent to us about this census thing.

On one of the papers it said, by phone, schedule an interview with Kira Cash. So I don’t know if that lady’s last name was Cash or if that was somebody else, but somebody’s last name was Cash and she brought me a selenite crystal to connect with my angels.

And I felt deeply, it was a message from my angels that good things, cash, abundance, prosperity, all the things I’ve been calling in, clients, are all on their way to me.

So may synchronicities. My mind is blown.

Wow, very bizarre. Very bizarre to be gifted a selenite crystal from a U .S. Census Bureau employee who is clearly Christian wearing a cross, had a dashboard picture prayer card of a saint in her car, and so clearly is religious and I’m not judging that (just different from my beliefs, right?)

The rest of the day…

Monday evenings are when Emma goes to gymnastics so I will bring typically bring stuff with me to work on or to listen to while she’s in gymnastics. It’s almost like this constant need to be busy I guess.

But that day I dropped her off and I was listening to one of Jess’s updates on her telegram and she was talking about just being present without having to be on a device and how she sat waiting for her car to get detailed and was just sitting. Not looking at a phone, not reading a book, just sitting with herself.

I took my headphones in to listen to a podcast while Emma was in gymnastics, but the headphones were dead. So I took that as a pure sign from the universe that I shouldn’t be listening to anything. So I literally stood there the whole time for like 45 minutes watching her and she noticed me standing in a doorway at one point and ran up to me.  She was like telling me that the teacher had been yelling or something.

It was all super interesting because I was watching all of this energy play out and people around me and parents and instructors and just society in general just watching them all be very dysregulated with children and so Jess and I had been having a discussion about that a little bit and she’s doing this PQ – Positive Intelligence program and the premise of it is to rewire your brain in just a few minutes a day so you can change the way you interact, change the way you react, your triggers, your states of dysregulation, like when a kid does something instead of reacting by yelling or screaming or bursting out, you can reflect on it and say, no, I’m not going to react like that. I’m going to do this instead. So it very much is an interrupter on triggers and triggering behaviors.

What I like to call like adult tantrums. So it was so interesting because right after we talked about that I started witnessing it and everybody around me, I swear, everybody was getting triggered and I was witnessing in in real time. It really made me take a beat to recognize that most of the people that are working with our children week in and week out, are highly disregulated, teachers included. And how amazing it would be for these people to engage in positive intelligence framework so all parties involved could benefit.

Day 16 – 5/14/24Tuesday morning I decided that I was gonna sign up for yoga class at 9:30, which I normally don’t do that but something was really calling me to get in that yoga class. So I did that. I signed up. It was amazing. My body really needed that class because I had been missing a lot lately and so I really needed that reset. It was incredible. My body just felt so good, so opened up, and so amazing throughout the day.

After yoga I headed back home and I literally was working on business related stuff for probably about five hours. I was just pounding out different copy ideas and color block posts for market research and I had joined this Zoom in a group with Heather Bryce who’s in charge of the Octopus CEO and Bri introduced me to her but I joined her membership for $7 first month special and then I got access to this Zoom call in which she was talking about creating a beta program for your coaching program or your service program, whatever you’re creating.

So I hopped on that call and it was so insightful, gave me a ton of ideas and I just felt like as the day went on Tuesday, I felt more and more like I was getting in the right rooms. I was finally finding my people. I was finally clicking, connecting. I was finally getting to be in those rooms that people understand me, get me, accept me for who I am. And so that felt really amazing.

After that Zoom call, I was feeling so inspired. I decided to work on a lot of different projects.

I felt my brain was a bit scrambled after that, I think just because I dumped so much out of my brain. So I had to kind of force myself to stop and Emma was wanting to play with the neighbor for a while on Tuesday, so that was fine.

She was occupied, so I kept doing what I was doing in the flow.

Mike cooked dinner, some pasta and Greek salads, and that was really good.

After dinner, it was just kind of weird because all three of us were just in this calm state and nothing was really happening and we were all kind of doing our own thing and it was fine. There was no drama, there was no outburst, there was no screaming. It was just  fine, right? It was just all good.

So fast forward to after a little while when Emma requested to be alone and so she went, I think she was super tired and probably drained because she’s been doing a lot of gymnastics lately. So she decided she wanted to just go be alone in her room and watch Lilo and Stitch for a while. So I had another like hour or hour and a half where I was just doing my own thing, catching up on blog posts and stuff like that.

But I was just getting so tired, I realized I was starting to push myself into more productivity.

It was time to stop staring at the computer. It was one of those days where I stared at the computer way longer than I’d wanted to, but the beauty of this is that then, the next day, I can do something different, right? I don’t have to stare at the computer every day, for eight hours a day like I used to in my old corporate work life. So that’s a good thing. I get to create my own reality, every single day, and it can be different every day. It doesn’t have to exactly the same.

So, yes, I was blissfully tired again at the end of Tuesday, just still suspending all disbelief. that my success is coming, it’s inevitable. I know those aligned clients that are going to sign up for my programs, that are going to sign up for my Evergreen support and my membership. I know those clients are coming in. I can feel them coming in. I can feel them energetically attracting in. It’s just a matter of time. I’m suspending all disbelief.

This gets to be my life. My success is inevitable and I’m always on the right path. And I also had very interesting card pulls from Tuesday. So Monday and Tuesday. Monday was a lot of creativity and your journey’s almost complete. There’s only one more level you have to climb. The Empress, so that Mama Earth energy coming in. And a very big focus on being in the present moment and in the here and now. Creating your own dream now, not in the far off future.  

Within the suspending disbelief, this is about creating my dream now. This isn’t about putting it off to tomorrow or to next month or to next year. That’s not how it’s going to fly anymore. This is all about being in the here and now, creating this dream as we go, not in the far off future.

We are claiming our prosperity. I am prosperous at this moment. I am a best -selling author. I am a prosperous author and an indie publisher. And now is all that counts. What happened in the past or what’s going to happen in the future, it doesn’t exist. Now is all that exists. If you read the book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, he explains in there why the moment of the power of now, why it’s so powerful to just exist in this moment. It dissipates all that other shit, all that other noise around you. You’re not getting caught up in the past. You’re not going too far ahead in the future because that causes anxiety. You’re living in the now and that’s where this is happening. We’re suspending disbelief. We are creating the dream as we go. Every day more and more with each step that we take.

Another card I pulled was a fork in the road around a decision to make and who do I need to become? What do I need to believe in in order to live this life of prosperity? What decision do I need to make about my career or my life? And so this really had me reflecting as well. Who do I need to become? What do I need to believe? Well, I am becoming that person. I am believing that my success is inevitable in order to live that life of prosperity. So I’m already taking those steps. I’m already there. I’m embodying that. I’m living it every single day as I embrace each present moment. I’m not getting caught up or worried about what’s next, what’s next, what’s next.

I might have the fleeting thoughts about what’s next, right? Because we’re all human and we all have those thoughts. Those thoughts are not going to go away completely. But as long as I can mostly keep myself centered, focused on my goals and suspending disbelief keep myself right here, right here in the present. Focused on what I’m doing now. That’s gonna be a big piece. That is a big piece of the manifesting puzzle.

Because too often we get told you have to figure it all out. You have to have this whole dream mapped out from every step, every single step you take. You have to figure it out. What are you going to be doing next month? What are you going to be doing a year from now? What’s your five -year plan, your ten -year plan, your twenty -year plan? Figure it all out. But real life doesn’t really work like that, right?

It’s more about taking those micro steps each day that add up to the bigger dream.

My reading on Tuesday I was asking, I feel scattered today. I feel all over the place, which in retrospect, I think it was just because I was tired because I had actually expended all my creative energy on Tuesday.

So it wasn’t that I lost focus or was scattered in that way. I just needed a mental break. I’ve expended a lot of energy. So I got the cards, worship at the temple, go within, focus on going inward, drown out the noise around you.

That’s a big piece of this. Number 43, tell your story. And this was largely around writing, publishing, helping others to share their stories, and the ripple effects of healing through storytelling. So that is really what I’m being guided to focus on is creating that publishing company that I detailed in my second day when I did my scripting and really leaning into how to do it.

What are the micro steps, the actions I can take every single day to make that dream happen?

Number 25, remember your innocence, going back to inner child. What does she want? What really excites her? What makes her joyful? What is fun? So, that’s huge right now. Telling me to focus on my inner child, what lights me up? And that makes a ton of sense for suspending disbelief because how often as children did we suspend disbelief? 

How often as kids did we suspend disbelief about every single little thing?

Our parents told us that Santa existed. We suspended disbelief. We believed the shit out of that, right? Our parents told us the Tooth Fairy existed. Hello, Tooth Fairy, bringing me money every time my tooth fell out. Our parents told us the Easter Bunny existed. We knew that that basket or that egg hunt was coming, right, every year. And we didn’t question it. We didn’t question that until we got to older ages, most often someone else told us, that’s all a lie. Or we had an older sibling or a cousin or a friend at school break the news to us, you know, Santa’s not really real, your parents have been doing it the whole time. And then you started questioning it and you broke the suspending disbelief. But let’s think about this for a minute.

From age zero through let’s say 10 how many moments in your life did you suspend disbelief with no shadow of a doubt that what you were experiencing was true, that magic was real, that miracles can happen, that magical stuff happens on the holidays and you make a wish on your birthday and your wish comes true and all of these things, right?

How many times did you have to suspend disbelief in your childhood? And what happened to that innocence? What point in time did that change? And I can tell you for most people it probably changed when you hit preteen, adolescence, when you started getting influence from peers around you, when the older sibling or the older cousin came in and started saying things influencing you on some level saying how you’re such a little kid while you still believe in all that magic it’s not real or anything to that extent, and if we didn’t have someone supporting us saying no that actually is real and to keep believing in magic and to keep believing in miracles and to keep suspending disbelief your dreams are inevitable, your success is inevitable, you’re always on the right path. What would then happen? We would let all of those magical things we believed in, we would let them fall away because it wasn’t normal anymore.

It wasn’t normal to be a 13 year old who believed in Santa. It wasn’t cool. It wasn’t normal. So we just let it fall away, just like anything else.

And it’s not to say we’re placing blame on anybody for any of that stuff happening. We’re just examining it. Looking at why we stop believing in magic. Why we stop suspending disbelief in our lives. And how incorporating that magic of childhood back in again is going to be one of the biggest keys to suspend disbelief.

We are taking on that energy of that little kid that didn’t know better, that had no life experiences to knock them down and to tell them that miracles couldn’t happen or that their dreams couldn’t come true. They’re still fully in their authentic inner self-expression and in their intuitive power and in their amazing connectedness, their unfiltered spiritual connectedness.

The immense intuitive connectedness, the connection psychically coursing through them. No one to blow out their candle. No one to blow out their flame yet. Connect in with that inner child and see what magic that brings into your life.

So number 11 was the next card about releasing perfectionism and that was really around your offers don’t have to be perfect, do it messy, it’s time to step out, it’s time to show who you truly are. And that’s kind of self -explanatory. It was a message around just doing the damn thing. Stop trying to be so perfect.

A message I’ve gotten my entire life. 

Stop trying to have all of the perfect pieces lined up in order. Just step into doing the thing that you want to do. Step into the dream that you’re suspending disbelief around. It’s time. Then number 13, fight like a girl. So this was working for a cause, collective healing, leading others to fight against complacency. It’s time to step up to battle.

It’s time to step up to spiritual battle and step into the ring bringing all of the divine feminine power to the surface, to the forefront. And so this was really resonating with me in Bri’s journey and message as well because she had she just introduced and announced her wild feminine inner circle mastermind.

She just launched her inner circle, which is a beautiful, powerful, amazing mastermind for women. And she’s calling in seven beautiful souls to come join her. And she’s exactly doing this. She’s working to fight the good fight. She is stepping up to spiritual battle. She’s stepping in the ring, bringing in all of the wild divine feminine power to the surface. It’s just amazing to witness the power that she has stepped into in the past few years. I think, I want to say I met her in 2022. So in just under two years of knowing this woman, I can’t even explain the immense quantum leaping she has done. And she hasn’t done it in a way that you typically see on social media where they’re kind of like, I went from zero to a million dollars and blah blah blah and they’re like spreading their income reports and things like that. This is, I’m talking about like a humble but authentic as fuck and vulnerable raw journey that this woman has been through sharing most all of it in her Facebook group and in her community and taking us along with her for this journey, for this personal spiritual ascension journey and it has just been like an incredible experience to witness that in someone else.

To have known her before she even got into all the woo-woo and energetics stuff. I gifted her her first oracle deck, the Rose Oracle, almost two years ago. She actually won the deck in my free manifestation event through my facebook group at the time.

It’s just been incredible witnessing all of that power and immense energetic shifting in action.

So then I did pull a few cards from Rebecca Campbell’s healing waters deck and I got bounteous relationships coming together, being grateful for the bounty you have, following the overflow to flow to all those who need a boost, when we share bounty we are taken care of in return. So this is really about spreading spreading the love and spreading the abundance.

I am taken care of, so I am going to take care of others. I am going to be this change I want to see in the world. I am going to be this ripple effect I want to see. I am going to do all these things. I’m going to walk the talk. I am not just going to talk about it. I’m actually going to step out and do it in this sense of community and coming together for a common cause.

We are all elevating. We are all elevating the world. We are elevating by doing the work that we’re doing to help people ascend spiritually, to help women discover their inner divine feminine power, to come back home to themselves, to rediscover their intuition, to tap into that infinite abundant well of inner power that we all have living within ourselves. Beneath the surface was the second card – what’s really driving you, true motives, breaking free. What i got out of this was that I’m breaking free from self-imposed limitations. I started reflecting what is my why behind all of this…why am i doing what I’m doing… what are my true intentions and motives for what I’m doing?

It’s for world shifting, generational healing so the next generation doesn’t know spiritual and mental suffering and so our kids can live in a world that honors their intuitive gifts and celebrates their true higher self nature. So largely around why am I doing what I’m doing, it’s for my daughter.

I never want her to know the suffering of going against your true intuitive power and nature. I always want her to be able to follow her inner guiding light. I always want her to be able to speak her truths and speak her voice confidently and clearly and stand up for herself. 

I never want her to have to shrink down or to play small or to bow down to any type of outside influences or disempowered masculine authority. I never want her to have to question her true desires and what she really wants, what she desires in this earth.

I want her to unapologetically pursue her dreams and her desires and I want her to feel comfortable knowing that those desires and those dreams came to her for a reason. And so I want all those things for her.

So that drives my why. That is my why behind why I’m doing all of this. Just sitting with that realization for a few seconds.


It’s mind blowing. It’s powerful. It’s paradigm shifting because each time one of us decides that this is our why, that this is what we’re going to do to break the cycles to make changes for the future generations so they can live in a different world. Each time one of us decides this, the ripple effect is so incredibly far and widespread that we can’t even imagine how far it reverberates.

So the last card that I got on Tuesday’s reading was Cosmic Ocean, Current Dreams, Future Realities, New Beginnings. And it’s a visual of a spiral vortex whirlpool, which I talked about in my post from Friday when we went to the museum for the day and I talked about the vortex spinning around. The ripples are far and wide on this work.

Your dreams now are playing into future realities. Never stop pursuing them. You are part of this cosmic ocean of possibility, of healing, of uplifting, of progress. Your work and your why seeds the hope for the future. Your work is cosmically guided, cosmically important. It’s cosmic healing.

After my reading I got a bunch of inspired ideas about how I can play around with a cosmic healing circle, do cosmically guided journeys to rediscover your inner intuitive muse, which is this concept I came up with in the midst of suspending disbelief.

Creativity is flowing more easily and I’m receptive to more of it within this journey.

So the inner intuitive muse is this new concept that I created and it came out a reading that I did. I was working with the Muse Tarot deck, but really this inner intuitive muse is your higher self.

She is the one that provides us with all of this creative inspiration and intuitive information. She is our inner guiding light and she’s the one that will tell us when something’s off. She’s the one that will tell us when something’s a go, when it’s like, yes, this is a good thing, you should pursue this.

So I really want to create something to cosmically guide people to rediscover their inner intuitive muse. But not only to rediscover her, but to be able to tap into her energy every single day as you’re going about your life.

As you are doing your normal stuff, doing your daily tasks, working on your business, or spending time with your kids, or being outside in nature, whatever you’re doing, having this ability to tap into the energy of your inner intuitive muse. So I’m building something, and something is coming, and I’m just telling you right now, I’m birthing all of this in real time.

So follow for updates. You can see how this is unfolding as these blog posts go on each day. But just know that something is being birthed around this inner intuitive muse and it is most likely a program that is going to be uncovered and opened up for people to be able to sign up for.

But there’s definitely something being birthed around this energy and so watch out for that. I’m gonna end this day 16 because that was a lot more than I thought. And that happens almost every day. There’s a lot more to talk about than I realize. So I’m gonna wrap up this day 16 so I can try to put my notes together and talk about what happened on day 17, which was another powerful day.

Remember, your success is inevitable and you’re always on the right path no matter what! 

What beliefs do you need to let go of in order to step more fully into suspending disbelief?

I’d love to hear from you if you have energetically decided to join this challenge and what’s come up for you so far – and I’m celebrating you if you have joined and would love to support you further.

If you need extra accountability and support in this book a free call with me here to chat about how I can support your journey further via a number of different ways – as an intuitive empowerment mentor, modern witch and akashic energy guide I help you to reignite your souls’ purpose by clearing out energy that is not yours to carry (current life, past life), rewiring your subconscious mind and diving into your Akashic records for soul-level healing to reveal your highest aligned soul path forward in your life and business.

You get to suspend all disbelief that all this is possible for you, plus so MUCH MORE!

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BONUS CHALLENGE:What beliefs do you need to let go of in order to step more fully into suspending disbelief?

How can you embrace and tap into the energy of your inner child more in order to embody the energy of your desires, with no limitations?

I’d love to hear from you if you have energetically decided to join this challenge and what’s come up for you so far – and I’m celebrating you if you have joined and would love to support you further.

If you need extra accountability and support in this book a free call with me here to chat about how I can support your journey further via a number of different ways – as an intuitive empowerment mentor, modern witch and akashic energy guide I help you to reignite your souls’ purpose by clearing out energy that is not yours to carry (current life, past life), rewiring your subconscious mind and diving into your Akashic records for soul-level healing to reveal your highest aligned soul path forward in your life and business.

You get to suspend all disbelief that all this is possible for you, plus so MUCH MORE!

Share with me in the comments or by reaching out on social media tagging @kelli.femrite on Instagram or @KelliElizabeth on Facebook how you’re coming along in suspending disbelief. What feelings came up? What emotions surfaced? 

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I help mom entrepreneurs rediscover their intuitive power and step fully into their soul purpose through subconscious reprogramming, clearing and alignment, life coaching and authentic brand building (marketing, copy, messaging) so that they can take back their power in their lives, build a purpose-driven business and wake up excited to start each day.

Learn more about me and how I can help you explore your intuitive power and manifest your big, wild goals to reality.

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