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Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 17, 18,19

Note: The next few posts will contain multiple days, as I catch up transcribing my notes from my voice notes app. Moving forward I’ll be posting a “round up” post each Wednesday, that will include a summary of 3-5 days prior. It’s now 6/4/24 as I’m catching up on these posts – rest assured I’ve still been suspending disbelief every single day, including a 5-day trip the UK – which I’ll be posting about soon along with amazing photos!

Day 17 – 5/15/2024

I’d like to talk about the little, everyday miracle moments that you start to notice more and more as you steep yourself into the energy of suspending disbelief.

As I get more and more immersed in this personal challenge, I realized that I was actually blocking myself from receiving these small, everyday miracle moments in the past.

Why? Because I was living too much in the stress of trying to figure everything all out at once, trying to get too far ahead of myself.

When you put your mind too far ahead into the future, that’s when anxiety sets in.

My biggest realization settling in on Day 17 was that it became super clear to me how much I was blocking my own abundance in the past.

I’m not beating myself up, but simply having that realization is drive for me to show up differently moving forward.

And if I didn’t take the time to slow down and review my thoughts and realizations within this suspending disbelief challenge, I wouldn’t be realizing any of this right now.

Akashic Soul Coaching Sessions – A Realization

So on Wednesday 5/15 I had an in-person client Akashic Session at the yoga studio and prior to this session I hadn’t had one in a couple of months.

It had just been a very slow few months in bookings.

Now reflecting back, it was almost a self-fulfilling prophecy, because I had the thoughts, “well no one is booking,” so no-one continued booking.

When I switched to, “Aligned clients who are energetically attracted to my work in the world, and are ready to take this deep dive into their soul story,” then a client booked.

So a large part of what manifests to reality really is how you think about things, and what energy you’re putting out there.

For this particular client session, ahead of time I tried something new, that I hadn’t before.

I told myself, “I’m suspending disbelief that this session will go so well, and that my client will walk away with so many insights and aha moments, and that she will walk out of that session feeling like she can take on the world.”

I always set Holy Fire Reiki energy to surround each of my sessions, by using the distance reiki symbol. If you’re intrigued by that, I am beginning a cohort of Holy Fire Reiki I & 2 Certifications this summer 2024 – reach out to me at for more info!)

I went into the session early, started prepping for it and did my spiritual protection ceremony and set out all of my crystals and my travel altar (I teach you how to do all this in my monthly membership – Modern Witch Mama Soul Healing Coven.)

After I set up my healing space and set my protections, I greeted my client at the front desk, and I could just immediately tell and had an intuition that this session would go so well.

And if you are wanting to book an Akashic Session, the biggest tip I can give before attending the session is to walk in with a complete energetic openness and willingness to explore all possibilities – this particular client definitely had that sense of openness and I could energetically pick up on that.

But more than that, I am calling in clients that have the openness to all possibilities and willingness to explore the depths with no limitations in all realms.

When you set the intention for who you are calling in, the universe responds and brings you exactly who you are calling in.

Trust me. Works every single time.

The session turned out to be incredible – on multiple levels.

I will give this little background and disclaimer: In the past I’d attract a lot of clients coming in asking about their love life, and I was honestly getting a bit burnt out on that particular type of reading.

With this session I was so happy that I called in a mom with young children who wanted to talk about pursuing her passions and purpose alongside Motherhood, and finding a career she loves and calling in that ultimate freedom and flexibility.


That is who I love helping.

It lights me up beyond belief to my soul’s core to help clients like this.

It was fantastically refreshing to call in a client who was SO, SO aligned.

The lesson of Day 17 is what you put out into the universe, you will get back.

So previously I had been putting out, “I don’t want people to come in and ask love questions.”

Once I stopped saying that and instead say, “I do want moms/caregivers who are looking to rediscover their soul purpose, to suspend all disbelief, to know that they get to pursue their dreams alongside Motherhood, and that Motherhood is still a souls’ purpose but YOU GET TO HAVE OTHER SOUL PURPOSES in this lifetime.”

You’re not limited by how many purposes you get to have.

We are multi-dimensional, multi-passionate, spiritual beings living on a 3D earth plane.

We get to have everything we desire.

We get to have it all.

We don’t have to choose “this or that” abundance, “this or that” purpose…. We can have them ALL. And we can lift others up along the way while embracing our multi-dimensionality and multi-faceted natures.

Bloody Noses and Calm States

Later in the day Emma and I were driving to the thrift shop so I could look for jeans, and she could look for gynmastics outfits, adn on the way to the shop her nose started bleeding pretty quickly all over the front of her shirt, down her shorts and legs, on the carseat.

I stayed very calm through the bleeding, and pulled into the Culver’s parking lot, found her some tissues and got into the backseat with her, while she held her nose to help the bleeding stop.

Fifteen minutes later the nose stopped bleeding, and I just sat there holding her in that space without panicking, without going “oh my god, what am I supposed to do?”

Why is this such a big win?

It didn’t come so naturally to me in the past to sit calmly through a medical/bleeding/hurt situation with Emma.

When something happens we tend to go “oh no, oh no,” but this time it felt so natural to take that step back and remain calm for her, so that she could co-regulate with me and stay calm herself.

As I stayed calm, she stayed calm. It’s all a ripple effect, especially when you and your kid are both highly sensitive, empathic and energy sensitive beings.

If I were to get out of sorts, she would pick up on that and she would get out of sorts.

It was the reciprocal energetic effect, in action. In real time.

And it was so incredible to witness.

This was one of the biggest breakthroughs for me throughout this challenge.

Walmart Jeans – Suspending Disbelief

After the bloody nose was contained, we ordered food at Culver’s and ate in the car (per Emma’s request since her shirt/shorts were all stained with blood – I told her it honestly looked like strawberry ice cream spilled!)

Then we decided to duck in the thrift shop briefly but they were closing so we couldn’t find much.

We headed over to Walmart that was the next parking lot over.

Emma said, “Momma, why don’t you look for jeans in here?”

So I have to bring this up, because in the past, I guess I had a certain “idea” of what I could find in Walmart. And Jeans were never one of them.

But this time I totally suspended disbelief that I would find something cute and that I could pack for my trip to the UK.

We go in, Emma finds her gymnastics outfit right away, and then we walk over to the women’s section.

I start looking through the racks of jeans.

I picked a few different styles to go try on, and every single pair fit fabulously.

Like not even kidding – each pair looked so amazing and fit like a glove.


So I chose a slightly wider leg style “mom jean” but stylish with cutoff bottoms.

They were perfect for what I intended.

And I found them because I said I would.

This is suspending disbelief on the little things. But the little things do add up. The little things add up to the bigger things, until you find yourself just naturally leaning into suspending disbelief on every single thing in life.

And it feels SO DAMN GOOD to walk in this energy of “everything is always working out.” I get to live this existence. I get to be in this energy daily. I get to have the things I desire. I get to spread the good energy to others.

(And I’m probably going to go back and get the other pair of jeans, because I loved them too!)

Day 18 – 5/16/24

This morning I had some slight self-doubt creep in. And I’m not the type to pretend I am perfect by any means.

So I’m going to share the self-doubt with you as well as the amazing wins.

I had self-doubt creep in whether I was “qualified” enough to be running a Writer’s Mini-Mind.

As I was thinking the self-doubt thoughts, I had my spirit team drop in and say “F*ck qualifications.”


Then I heard, “You have lifetimes of knowledge and experience; go use it!”

Okay…message received!

Some people may find it crazy I’m running writer’s mini-mind sessions alongside Akashic Records healing, alongside Holy Fire Reiki and Hypnotherapy….etc. etc.

But I feel it’s my perfect flow; it’s what my soul came here to do.

Also we came here to be multi-passionate, multi-dimensional so why put limitations on what we are “allowed” to do; to how many passions we are “allowed” to have?

So F yes, I am going to promote my writer’s mini-mind, my UNBOUND group healing the witch wound program, my Modern Witch Mama Monthly Membership, My Akashic Deep Dive Soul Coaching Sessions, and everything in between.

Why should I be expected to dim my light on any of this??

I spent way too much time dimming my light in the past (in this lifetime) and in multiple other past lifetimes.


That ripple effect is monumental.

That’s why I came her. That’s what I’m doing here. It is done. So it is. So mote it be.

So after squashing the self-doubt thoughts, I moved onto the rest of my day.

Today was a day of healing sessions – it’s funny how sometimes that happens. I started out the morning by pulling my own daily card and a lot of synchronicities and confirmations were coming through as usual.

I had several healing Zoom calls on Thursday from what I recall.

I got on Alex’s Facebook Live healing that was crazy out of this world all about finding your unicorn and dragon in the upper world and in the etheric realm.

I kind of feel like I’ve been floating ever since then which today as I’m recording this I just did an Akashic Records workshop so I’ve been floating in the ethers for days on end.

I really needed to take the time to ground myself today.

Alex’s healing was amazing. I got so much out of it. I met a unicorn and a dragon and received healing from them. Also, they really want me to work together and bring them into my healing sessions.

Which that is something that I’ve been planning on doing anyways, so there was so many massive confirmations.

And ever since I began attending Alex’s lives and events last year, it’s been one confirmation and synchronicity after another.

It’s interesting and exciting because we’re actually gonna be meeting Alex over in the UK on our trip coming up. She’s from London and so Jess and I will get a chance to hang out with her one day on Friday while we’re over there and get a chance to have dinner with her. And so we’re so excited to all meet up in person.

Sometime last year I had a vision that Jess, Alex, Bri and myself would all meet at a cafe in London one day in the future.

And I didn’t realize how crazy quick that would manifest to the 3D plane.

Bri didn’t get to physically attend the trip this time, but I am sure she’ll be there in spirit!! As the four of us have really bonded in our respective online groups/spaces and with the healing work we are all stepping into and promoting.

It’s just crazy to think that I get to meet these women who I have done healing sessions with and been in these groups and masterminds and we all are on this spiritual path and now we get to meet up in person. I never would have thought that possible like a year ago, right?

So I had to suspend disbelief on that, and look what is transpiring! You never now where you’ll be one year from now.

This gets to happen, this gets to be possible. I get to go on a trip like this. I get to meet my friends across the world. I get to do all these things. I get to live this life. Ahhhhh so exciting!! I manifested this! And I’m so damn excited this gets to be my life!

Evening Vibes

Later in the evening, I took Emma to her weekly therapy appointment which has been going so well!

Then afterwards, Mike made this really good spinach artichoke vegan pizza.

I’ve been allowing myself to relax in the evenings for the past five, six days.

Right before my period is due, I get really tired and I don’t push myself. So that is why the blog posts are behind. Also, I was working on a live in-person event for the yoga studio – an Akashic Records Workshop and Visualization. Which I’ll write about in a future post.

I absolutely adore doing in person events, but the prep work and the time leading up to them takes up a lot of my energy, especially if I am in the time in my cycle right before my period. So needless to say, I was pretty tired by Thursday (the event is on Sunday.)

Ever since I joined Bri’s business membership this year and took a bonus workshop with Kaitlyn on aligning to my menstrual cycle, I’ve been way more aware of when to schedule certain activities based on my energetic cycles.

If you are looking to do that, I highly recommend Kaitlyn Signorelli, she has several programs, sessions and resources that will help you get in sync with your cycle to find your best energetic times and it really gives you permission to not be “on” all the time because you as a woman are cyclical, and shouldn’t be expected to have the same damn energy each and every week.

That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works, ha.

To find out more about Kaitlyn and join one of her programs go here.

Day 19 – 5/17/24

On Friday I woke up and immediately said to myself, I need to go to yoga, I need to get some movement in my body, I need to stretch out, I need to regulate my nervous system.

I needed to really tap into that nervous system regulation. So I went to my favorite Yin Yoga Class.

I’m so damn grateful I get to choose to go to yoga in the middle of the day; if I want to. I know that in my past life as a corporate employee that wasn’t always possible, and I recognize that and am so grateful that this gets to be my weekly life.

Afterwards, I had some errands to run, so I went to the nursery to get some dirt for our garden. We had planned on planting the garden later in the day on Friday.

I got some of the garden plants and herbs that we needed. I also went to the grocery store and I shopped for dinner and the weekend.

I was pretty tired from all the running around. When I got home I sat for a little while (gave myself permission to just sit) and started pulling a couple cards outdoors while I was relaxing.

Later in the evening I had my final class in Shamanism 1 – it was an incredible journey and I was so exhausted afterwards (just a lot of energetic work and releasing.)

More synchronicities – We journeyed to upper world and I got a Unicorn guide (lol) after Alex’s unicorn live on Thursday.

This stuff honestly doesn’t surprise me anymore.

But also, not everyone gets a unicorn guide for Upper World. But mine was a big white unicorn that was leading me up to show me around, and Upper World looked a lot like my Akashic Records.

So that’s all I have for Day 17; More updates coming soon!

I’d love to hear from you if you have energetically decided to join this challenge and what’s come up for you so far – and I’m celebrating you if you have joined and would love to support you further.

If you need extra accountability and support in this book a free call with me here to chat about how I can support your journey further via a number of different ways – as an intuitive empowerment mentor, modern witch and akashic energy guide I help you to reignite your souls’ purpose by clearing out energy that is not yours to carry (current life, past life), rewiring your subconscious mind and diving into your Akashic records for soul-level healing to reveal your highest aligned soul path forward in your life and business.

You get to suspend all disbelief that all this is possible for you, plus so MUCH MORE!

Share with me in the comments or by reaching out on social media tagging @kelli.femrite on Instagram or @KelliElizabeth on Facebook how you’re coming along in suspending disbelief. What feelings came up? What emotions surfaced? 

I want to know what aha moments you have gotten so far in this Suspending Disbelief Journey! Please reply to this blog post and share!

And if you’re not already there, get in the Modern Witch Mama Facebook Group here for more insights and updates and to share your experiences.

Follow along Bri’s journey on her raw daily journal style podcast here

Follow Jess’s journey in her group in Telegram; get access to that here.

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