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Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 2

Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 2

Day 2 is in the books.

If you do not know what I’m talking about, please go back to the Suspending Disbelief Day 1 Post!

This is officially a movement and it’s taking off QUICKLY!

My day started as most days – I made my coffee, and as I was foaming up my creamer to make a homemade cinnamon oat milk latte, I started to state my manifestations out loud as I do every morning.

But Instead of listing everything this time I simply said “I’m suspending disbelief that ALL my dreams can happen, my success IS INEVITABLE and I’m ALWAYS on the right path.”

I made a school lunch for my daughter, and as I was doing that I was expressing my gratitude that we had the items available to make her favorite lunch.

But as I go along in this process, the gratitude piece seems to get easier and more natural.

I know we’ve all heard some form of “in order to call in your desired manifestation you should express gratitude for what good things you already have in your life.”

Yes. But it’s not always so natural or easy. Sometimes it feels like a chore (let’s be honest!)

But I swear after declaring yesterday that I am indeed suspending all disbelief and my success is inevitable and I’m always on the right path, everything else is becoming less struggle-bus-ish. 

Including showing up to my daily morning spiritual and intuitive practices.

It’s a very noticeable energetic shift and I AM HERE FOR IT.

Soon after my daughter left for school, I felt an urge to go ground myself outdoors. So I grabbed my coffee and headed out. I took off my sandals and placed my feet in the Dewey morning grass. 

I LOVE morning dew. It was chilly but there’s something so cleansing about the morning dew. It’s purely magical.

In that moment I felt compelled to ask Archangel Michael to help me cut all energetic cords, binds, ties, ropes and threads that were not serving my highest purpose moving forward. 

I typically cut energetic cords at nighttime but felt an intuitive nudge to do it in the morning (and will be adding this as a daily practice.)

I figured if I’m Suspending all disbelief that I may as well clear my energy completely from all past stories, beliefs, and thoughts that may be keeping me stuck in disbelief. (well that sounds logical, right?!)

We have so many different influences on our energy, often invisible to us because we’ve become so accustomed to taking on others’ emotions and beliefs (especially as empaths and highly sensitive people.) It’s so important to specifically clear our energies, in any way that works best for us. Grounding/earthing/sticking my feet in the grass is my number one way, followed by smudging with sacred smoke.

I found myself about an hour later taking out some old letters I recently found in my attic when I was looking for high school photos, and feeling compelled to burn the letters as an extra level of energetic release.

I was pulling out all the stops today.

 A lot of the letters had money scarcity stories attached to them in some way, shape or form.

They were all 20+ years old and from a time in my life I was not following my intuition and dreams. I simply didn’t haven’t inner resources back then to know a different path was available to me. No-one in my family before me had taken a different path, so how would I know differently?

If you know me you know I believe there are no coincidences and I was meant to find those letters a day before I found out about the suspending disbelief challenge.

Because the energy of those letters was keeping me in a time warp of disbelief.

Disbelief that I could BOTH pursue my dreams and make a lot of money doing so.

Disbelief that I could choose to walk a path of peace, freedom, and ultimate happiness AND be financially stable.

Disbelief that my DREAMS are INEVITABLE and I’m ALWAYS on the right path.

These were generational patterns I had energetically taken on as my own- limiting beliefs around money and wealth – and I had been doing the money mindset work or so I thought – for a few years at this point to release these beliefs.

But if you have ever engaged in any type of healing work, you know there are always new “levels and new devils.”

By burning those letters today I felt this HUGE weight lift off of me unlike anything I’ve felt before.

This was a weight and a burden I didn’t ask to carry. I sent all of this energy straight on back to the ethers to be transmuted by Mama Gaia herself.

As the smoke wafted in the air and the ashes flew around in the wind, a few pieces of ashen paper floating away, I pictured every last obstacle being removed from my path.

My SUCCESS is INEVITABLE and I’m ALWAYS on the right path.

So I promised today I’d share my future scripting with you – what exactly I am deciding and declaring that will be inevitable for me one year from now (yesterday to be exact so 4/28/25.)

I have to admit; when I first got it all out I felt, well, a bit uncertain that all of this could ACTUALLY manifest in the next year. 

BUT that’s part of this process- accepting that our dreams are real and suspending disbelief that they can and WILL manifest.

So here goes:

It’s April 28, 2024 and I am waking up in my king sized bed in the most fabulous Egyptian cotton sheets, feeling so well rested and refreshed. 

My husband is laying next to me, he’s also well rested and happy. 

He brought me a coffee in bed, and the sun is peeking through the window of our beach house.

Through the cracked shades I can see the ocean expanding beyond the beach, the waves crashing up on the shore. 

The smell of the salt in the air and the sound of the seagulls overhead are lulling me into this present moment that this gets to be my life.

I have chosen this path. I manifested this.

I get up and start to stretch in bed, thinking about my day ahead.

I can hear Emma waking and getting ready for school. She now attends a school that honors her unique talents and abilities and promotes a safe space for her to explore her passions and emotions.

On the agenda today I have a meeting with my publisher – my full length book was picked up by an indie publishing company- and they are absolutely incredible to partner with. I’m getting 80% royalties and my book has reached $1 million in sales.

I have a second book almost completed.

I also have a meeting with my business team – I have an incredible team that helps with my Modern Witch Mama Membership Community, my programs, courses, my publishing company and my Budding Kids’ Nature Witch School.

My team is well compensated and extremely happy in their roles. I give them generous salary and benefits packages and mental health and wellness is a huge focus in my company.

I’m bringing in $8,000-15,000 per month in sales going up and up, including all my income streams and sources.

I declared my business an “S” corporation with my accountant because I surpassed the $30,000 a year income mark.

My book “The Awakened Intuitive Motherhood Journey” is in bookstores nationwide and I have speaking engagements and a book tour set up for a few different stops around the world. I plan on taking my family with me when I travel.

My podcast Modern Witch Mama is thriving and the listener stats have exploded, surpassing 1 million downloads.

I have many influential guests on my podcast including Gabby Bernstein and Rebeca Campbell. The podcast is monetized and also brings in a nice steady income per month.

My community Modern Witch Mama has grown with people who are ready to transform their lives and step into the energy of “my success is inevitable and I’m always on the right path.” As well as reclaim their unique way of showing up in the world and reclaim the inner witch, or woman in total control of herself to take charge of their own lives and manifest their dreams.

The paid membership now has a full library of courses and resources and people can join on a rolling enrollment of $111 per month.

I have consistently added new members each month, and the community has grown to be a supportive and nurturing space, with members often forming connections with one another, collaborating and making their own dreams realities.

I am working on my kids hypnosis and sleep stories albums and building out the kids side of my membership that helps intuitive, neurodivergent and highly sensitive kiddos thrive.

I have a few higher level 1:1 clients who have 1-year contracts with me completely transform their lives on all levels.

Including by writing world changing books and sharing their stories while healing their souls.

My community of friends and family surrounding me are supportive and uplifting – I am so happy to say that the partnership I formed in 2023 with two beautiful souls has manifested into a world-changing paradigm shifting entity of its own, with a collaborative podcast, community, academy and a collaborative book on the way.

I give back to the community by sharing monthly healing circles, all are welcome to attend.

I also donate my time to provide reiki healing to hospital patients and people in hospice, nursing homes and special care facilities as well as bring my services pro bono to women’s and children’s shelters and safe havens.

I have created a fund to help support earth renewal / including for community garden shares with a purpose of bringing people back to nature and healing the earth by focusing on taking care of her resources responsibly and sustainably.

My family and I are planning an international trip to Egypt to see the pyramids and we easily effortlessly have the $8,000-$12,000 needed to book the trip in entirety.

My bank accounts never go below $20K each and I have $100K+ reserves in multiple savings accounts.

I contribute to my IRA and other stock investments accounts each month and am collecting gains each and every month.

We visit Disney parks as a family multiple times per year in different world locations. We stay at the best and most comfortable accomodations.

We also visit different beach destinations multiple times per year.

My apothecary is growing and we’ve so far grown a big batch of sage and lavender – locally sourcing smudging bundles to the community.

I’ve partnered with local spiritual shops and yoga and holistic healing centers to carry my products and books, and they are selling like hot cakes.

I have enough money to treat my parents to a nice vacation  to Europe – something they’ve always dreamed of. And to treat my in-laws to their dream trip to Norway. And also to treat my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew to an all-expenses paid trip to Disney staying in the best accommodations. I also treat my best friend to her dream vacation with daughter, all expenses paid.

I organize a few charity galas per year – focusing on different causes for saving the earth, endangered animals, pet adoptions and cars, holistic living and healing, and upleveling to 5D Earth. I draw in spiritually and ethically conscious donors who are more than happy and willing to donate their money to earth-changing causes.

As I sit sipping my coffee on my Sun deck overlooking the ocean I take it all in – this is the life I created. I DID THIS.

My husband is next to me on the lounge chair, booking our anniversary trip to the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel – for 8 days, 7 nights. We are getting the luxury suite with the bathtub overlooking Banff National Park.

I’m creating and manifesting the change I want to see in the world. I’m waking up in my dream life.

I’m doing this.

I’m suspending all disbelief.

My success is inevitable and I’m ALWAYS on the right path.

The better it gets, the better it gets.

It only goes up and up and up from here.

This gets to be my life. This is my life.

The universe can bring this to me however it wants, knowing my success is inevitable and I’m ALWAYS on the right path.


Ok, it’s your turn. Your assignment today (you didn’t think you’d sneak by without getting an assignment, did you? If you got to the end of this blog post your ASSIGNMENT is to write your own dream life script. Do not hold back, do not edit, do not shame yourself into thinking you’re dreaming “too big.” Just write. Unedited. And share with me in the comments or by reaching out on social media tagging @kelli.femrite on Instagram or @KelliElizabeth on Facebook how you feel after writing your script. What feelings came up? What emotions surfaced? Were you able to stick to the “no editing” rule, or did you find yourself taking things out? Share all your experiences!

And if you’re not already there, get in the Modern Witch Mama Facebook Group here for more insights and updates and to share your scripting experiences.

Follow along Bri’s journey on her raw daily journal style podcast here

Follow Jess’s journey in her group in Telegram; get access to that here.

Until tomorrow,


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