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Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 3

Okay, here I am, Day 3 (it’s actually morning of Day 4 as I’m writing this… pure exhaustion set in last night.)

Yesterday was….. INCREDIBLE.

So many things happened that are continuing to show me that my success is inevitable and I’m on the right path.


There have also been moments of doubt, and I’m keeping this blog 100% real and raw, so I will share about those as well.

Yesterday morning I woke SO pumped and excited to start my day.

I woke up with more clarity than I had in a longgggg time.

I got so excited to start working on things, I forgot I had to leave for yoga that I signed up for, and missed the class by 5 minutes. Oops.

After that I decided to just drive over to the forest preserve, because I had my notebooks, oracle cards and things with me so I could work on journaling and mapping/planning things in my business.

When I found a slightly hidden spot near the trailhead, with a picnic bench and grassy area to stretch/do yoga stretches, I was so excited. 

I sat down, pulled out my notebook specifically tasked with writing out my mission and purpose for my business.

I had jotted down ideas in the past, but never actually sat down and wrote in so much depth and detail exactly what my vision, mission and purpose was.

When I started writing, it just started flowing.


Like in the zone FLOWING.

What came out was a cohesive mapping/plan of what I want my business to look like in a year. So yesterday I wrote out details of what my life would look like and I had a high level overview of my business, but today was like very specific details on how all the branches/pieces of my business flow together and how the structure looks, and the various income streams, and how I’d give back through charitable causes and pro bono work, and all the THINGS.

This is my DREAM business vision and mission statement.

Why had I not ever been able to let this flow to me so FULLY in the past?

I was stuck in the energy of not believing it was actually possible.

Let me tell you, choosing to GO ALL IN on your vision is not for the faint of heart.

It’s really freaking hard and SCARY as all get out to energetically decide to go all in.

We think it’s as easy as just writing a goal on a piece of paper, but it’s NOT.

It’s a potent, world-shifting, mind-altering SHIFT in your body, mind and soul.

And it can be a little disorienting (fair warning.)

So after I got my inspired creative flow out on paper, I sat in the sun just soaking everything in. A mama Queen Bee flew close to me and brushed right past my knee.

I had the thought, how many times do people swat bees away, just like they swat abundance away.

This time – NO. I wasn’t swatting anything away.

Because I’m suspending disbelief. My success is inevitable and I’m always on the right path.

Even when shit surfaces from the past that I have to deal with, even when people around me are emotionally collapsing, even when my mental gymnastics want to push me into regret and “should haves” from the past mistakes I made.

Even when all of that comes up (because it will) I’m steady in my CORE. Because my mission, purpose and reason for being on this planet lives right within me.

Not within anyone else, not out in the ethers, but within ME.

And once I accepted that fully, the shift energetically was potent.

Now I have to mention that the whole day was not rainbows and butterflies – but I continue to transform the shit that comes up, because I’m holding myself accountable in that energy of “suspending all disbelief.”

There have been lots of things surfacing – especially around money.. Making money… Saving money… Past money mistakes … Beating myself up… Equating the only way to make more money is to work ourselves to the bone… Beating myself up for not being further along by now… Beating myself up for spending money too loosely or investing in things that didn’t get a huge return…etc. etc. and on and on.

And this has come up not only in my mind but my husband’s as well.

As I’ve gone along in this process, I’ve invited him to come on board. 

Things are shaking up; the universe is throwing loops, and I have to remain steady in my belief that my (and ours) success is inevitable and I’m (and we’re) always on the right path.

I had to get him on board with suspending disbelief, and that he’s always on the right path in his life.

In the past, this was a struggle. Most of us were not raised to trust and surrender that we’re always on the best path. In our generation a lot of us were raised in a scarcity mindset – that “there’s never enough.”

We were taught that we had to be careful about spending money, because there was a “finite” source of it.

So to break through that scarcity mindset; to me, is breaking the cycle.

Our kid won’t have that mindset. 

The future generation won’t carry that mindset with them.

Not to say that one shouldn’t be financially responsible and live within the means you are given in a moment of time.

But that’s just it – isn’t it. Each moment is a new moment. Your situation can change tomorrow. 

Instead of living in the fear that everything is going to get ripped out from under you, why not live in the hope that “Success is inevitable.” Why not flip the script and call in what YOU DO WANT?

One of the main ideas that stuck out to me in the original podcast episode that sparked this daily blog I challenged myself to was when Kathrin Zenkina said, “You don’t gain anything by living in disbelief.”


Has anyone ever gained a single thing by living in disbelief?

If you have, please I want to know! DM me, reply on this blog, send me an email.

I want to know if you’ve personally gained anything in your life by disbelieving in your dreams.

I know I haven’t.

I’ve lost a whole lot by not believing in myself and my dreams in the past. 

But that’s ending here. Right now. With each day that I recommit to suspending disbelief.

And I’m no longer going to get stuck in the spin cycle of past regret.

I am feel very guided to go be in Mama Nature and take a walk right now (it’s a gorgeous summer like day here), so I’m going to sign off and I’ll be back tomorrow with another update for Day 4.


Even when the shit hits the fan. Even when things seem to be falling apart around you.

Stay steady in your CORE BELIEFS. Stay rooted. Stay grounded.

We got this!!!


Share with me in the comments or by reaching out on social media tagging @kelli.femrite on Instagram or @KelliElizabeth on Facebook how you’re coming along in suspending disbelief. What feelings came up? What emotions surfaced? 

Also a BONUS CHALLENGE: If you are a business owner, I challenge you to pick a quiet spot where you can drown out the outer world and go within to write down your ultimate, dream business mission, purpose and vision. Don’t edit. Just let it flow.

Let me know in the facebook group or leave a comment on socials to let me know how it felt to write your ultimate dream business mission, purpose and vision. What surfaced for you? Did you truly allow yourself to write everything that intuitively flowed, without editing? If you didn’t, what do you feel needs to shift so you can write everything that intuitively flows without editing?

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