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Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 5

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This morning I woke up feeling pretty damn amazing and connected with my greater purpose first thing in the morning. I was also seeing things through a new light each time I woke up this week. It was getting better and better. Which I had written down on Day 1, “It only gets better and better from here.”

It seems to be an easier and easier thing to do every day I go along in this commitment to myself.

I grounded myself outside standing in the grass barefoot despite the rain. It actually felt amazing standing in the wet grass with the rain misting on me. It was like a complete renewal of spirit and energy.

Then I started to reflect on this experience so far.

I’d like to talk about the concept of you at your core not being able to be shaken by outer forces.

Because for me in the past, that was the most difficult part of remaining steady in my course of action when I decided to commit to certain goals in my life.

In the past, I’d be going along, working on my goals, and then inevitably something would happen – either a client would cancel, or I’d get in an argument with my husband, or something would be happening with our daughter that I’d have to energetically give my attention to.

Normal life stuff.

Whatever it was, it would shake me and put me off track for what I was trying to do. And I couldn’t figure out for the longest time why that kept happening. And I would continually beat myself each time it happened.

I would put myself into this shame cycle, always telling myself, “You cannot stick to your goals. How are you supposed to build this dream, and do all these things when you can’t even stick to your goals, because you’re letting others’ energies shake you?”

For the longest time this would happen to me. And it is SO common for this to happen. Let me know – has this ever happened to you? Reply to this blog post with your experiences!

What I noticed in this challenge for me is that it’s taking everything that I have learned thus far about spirituality, energetics, energy management, clearing my energy, all my reiki tools and now the tools I’m learning in Shamanism, hypnotherapy, and subconscious reprogramming. It’s taking everything I learned, but not only applying the tools, but also applying the mindset of “suspending disbelief” along with those tools, and that is what has got me through this week.

This is possible. You are on the right path. You’re always on the right path. You can do this. You’re not failing. You’re not behind, and the truth is that YOU ARE GOING TO MESS UP IN THIS.

And as soon as you accept that YOU WILL MESS UP, that you will not be perfect every single day, that there will be things that will still knock you off track and throw you off balance. There will be things that pop up that you have to swat away on your path – like swatting away flies as you’re walking on a hot summer’s day.

All of that will happen. Because nobody is perfect. But it is just simply energetically choosing and deciding to go down this path, to take this chance on yourself, to let go of all of the past mental clutter that was living in there, to release that once and for all, and know that it is still going to pop back up, but as you go along you’re going to get stronger.

You’re going to anchor deeper into the belief that your success is inevitable and you’re on the right path. I’ve been anchoring into that belief every single day, and I have taken so much beautiful aligned action in my business. I am pushing it in the direction that I see for my longer-term future dreams and goals.

This is about radical acceptance of where you’re at, knowing that you’re not perfect, you’re going to mess up, you’re going to flail, you’re going to cry, you’re going to break down, you’re going to have mental battles with yourself over this because it’s not a natural state that most of us live in. 

You’re going to want to just collapse in a fetal position at the end of the night sometimes. That’s okay. It’s all okay.

You’re going to not be perfect at it 100% of the time.

But when you do fail, when you do mess up, you realize that you can get back up again and keep going along because this is not an all-or-nothing type of state of being. You can always choose again. That is the most important part and something that I didn’t always do in the past. I would see failures as the ultimate stopping point and tell myself “I can’t do this, I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not as far along as everybody else.”

It’s when you release that and start to see that it’s possible to pick back up again and be resilient in this journey because your success is inevitable that you will start to notice how easy it is to keep going on this.

Resiliency is a by-product of this mindset that your success is inevitable no matter what.

After I did my reflection on my back porch in the rainy morning with my coffee, I went inside to take care of a few things, then decided to pull a few oracle cards like I normally do each morning.

I pulled a card “Message of Freedom” from my Voices of the Soul Oracle Deck – and in the guidebook for the deck it said this card was meant for me to channel my own intuitive message.

So I recorded it and it was this:

“You’ve arrived at this point because you’re being set ultimately free in your mind, in your body, in your soul. This is your ultimate release of who you once were. Of what you once knew. Of what you once thought mattered. Of you once did in your life to please others. This is your ultimate reset and release and know that ultimate freedom on all levels is on its way to you. You are being called to lean into the supportive energies of the universe and to trust. Trust deeply that what is on its way to you is better than you could every imagine. It is better than you ever dreamed of. It is your dream but it’s on an elevated level. Lean into the trust that it is coming. It is possible. That your success is inevitable. You’re on the right path. Lean into all of those energies now and that will serve your highest good and highest purpose now moving forward. We are asking that you step into the releasing of past hurt, past ego disappointments, because those are not so much of a concern right now. Have a clear mind, have a clear soul, have a clear body and spirit to prepare yourself for what is coming. What is coming. What is coming. What is coming.”

After pulling cards I realized I was supposed to go drop off my daughter’s glasses at her school since she forgot them when she got on the bus so I got completely ready to go do that then attend a yin yoga class right after that errand.

The rest of the day progressed pretty peacefully. At yin yoga the theme was acceptance of death, which I thought was very synchronistic.

Because death is inevitable, right? At least the physical body’s death (not the soul). But we are all going to physically leave our bodies behind at some point.

So if we can believe that death is inevitable why is it SO HARD for us to believe that our success is inevitable? That our dreams are inevitable? That what we desire in our soul is inevitable? 

We tend to accept death, because it’s a fact of life, right? Why not start accepting that our success is a fact of life?

Just something to ponder…

After the yoga class was over, some of my classmates were talking about how they hoped the sun would come back out today, because it had been rainy in the morning.

I just looked out the window and caught a glimpse of blue sky with clouds breaking up around it and said to them, “Look at that little blue patch in the sky. Yep, the sun IS GOING to come back out. Don’t worry, it’s coming.”

About 20 minutes later the sun started coming out full force again and it turned out to be a gorgeous day.

It’s the little things that you begin to suspend disbelief with that make you realize just how truly powerful this mindset shift is.

Day 5 also brought some light moments of laughter and a realization how literally every little thing moving through your day can be a moment of suspending disbelief.

My husband and I were creating a grocery list together, and he put on the list “flour and yeast.” I asked him what these two ingredients were for, and he said to make pizza dough.

I said, “You haven’t made pizza dough from scratch in a really long time. Are you sure you are gonna follow through on that?”

He then flipped the script on me and pulled out “suspending disbelief!”

He said, “If you are really suspending disbelief you have to trust in me that I will make the pizza dough.”

I started laughing and told him, “You got me.”

Turns out I have an accountability partner living in the same house with me for this 365-challenge!

I also realized that while the first week of this has been pretty energetically draining just having to constantly shift into suspending disbelief, the payoff has far outweighed any tough moments.

Because he’s on board! He’s on board! I got him to do this challenge alongside me, and I cannot wait to see what we can shift as a unified family in one year’s time.

It’s only going to get better and better. The better and better it gets, the better and better it gets.

My Day 5 lesson has to be that the little things really do matter and do add up.

No matter how little something is, when you begin recognizing the power it has and the ripple effect for the subsequent moments that happen after it, you realize that what you choose to do in the moment will determine what you choose to do in the next moment. So why not choose to see that your success is inevitable and you’re always on the right path, moment by moment, day by day, week by week, month by month. Why not choose that again and again and again? Because it IS going to determine what happens next. It’s going to determine what energies you’re attracting in.

The other major thing I’m realizing is that the more and more I do this, the more and more I can live in the present moment. I can simply BE. I can simply exist. I’m not thinking about the future, I’m not thinking about the past. That was so hard for me in the past to keep myself in PRESENCE.

This suspension of disbelief journey – and that my success is inevitable and I’m always on the right path – has allowed me suspend disbelief in every single moment and every single minute and it’s leading me to be fully present to my life. It’s keeping me in the moment. 

That is something so many of us have lost along the way. We worry about the past, we worry about the future, we worry about things we cannot change. At the root of anxiety is thinking too much about the past or future and not remaining in the present moment. And we’ve become a very anxious society.

Bringing ourselves back to that present moment is the biggest gift so far that this challenge has made me realize and step into.

Nighttime Reflection

It came to the end of the night on Day 5, and I found myself staying up too late, my daughter stayed up too late, and I was getting her to go upstairs while I let the dogs out in the yard one last time.

When I went upstairs to check on her, she was snoring, so I closed her door and proceeded to get ready to take a quick shower before bed.

As I was getting in the shower, I heard her scream and yell from her bedroom, so I went out there and she was sobbing saying “Why did you leave me? I was waiting for you!!”

She was sobbing hysterically and I couldn’t even get her to do the breathing techniques we’ve been working on, so I just reassured her I’d be 5 minutes in the shower and that she could go lay in my bed and cuddle with the dogs until I was done. Her body immediately relaxed when I told her to go lay in my bed.

I had the thought that I’m suspending disbelief that things will get better with her. She’s been through a bit of a struggle in the second grade, with not feeling fully supported at school and it’s been bleeding into home life where she is with her safe people and pets, so she’ll totally unleash her. Which is totally all good. 

But this was the first time I let myself relax into “Things will get better. I accept that she’s in a tough session, and that this won’t last a lifetime. A season is not a lifetime. Seasons ocme seasons go, she needs me right now and so I will do my best be there emotionally. One day she won’t be this little and I’ll have to suspend disbelief that she’s grown up – but I’ll also rest well knowing that I never gave up.

Parenting is not an easy journey. Parenting of a highly sensitive, empathic, super high energy, intuitive and gifted child is such a beautiful rewarding experience. You get to see the amazing workings of a brain in development. You see the lows, yes, but also the highs. You learn that your child isn’t something to be “handled” but rather a beautiful spirit living in a high-energy body that requires your nurturing support until she can spread her wings and fly on her own one day.

The immense empathy and love that emanates from your intuitively gifted child is beyond comparison.

Instead of viewing them as ‘difficult’ or ‘problematic’ why not flip the script and call them the ‘new earth leaders?’ Because these kids WILL change the world. Mark my words.

So, yes, I’m releasing the grip on everything I was ever taught. The world feels like a funhouse filled with mirrors and secret doors. You are either reflecting or leaping to the next level. And I’m enjoying every minute because I know I’m on the right path.

That is all I have for Day 5.

I’d love to hear from you if you have energetically decided to join this challenge and what’s come up for you so far – and I’m celebrating you if you have joined and would love to support you further.

If you need extra accountability and support in this book a free call with me here to chat about how I can support your journey further via a number of different ways – as an intuitive empowerment mentor, modern witch and akashic energy guide I help you to reignite your souls’ purpose by clearing out energy that is not yours to carry (current life, past life), rewiring your subconscious mind and diving into your Akashic records for soul-level healing to reveal your highest aligned soul path forward in your life and business.

I also just announced my Soul Writer’s Accountability and Co-Working Coven – It’s like a Writer’s Minimind for anyone who feels called to get their ideas to paper this year and finally get their book written and published. Details on that here.

You get to suspend all disbelief that all this is possible for you, plus so MUCH MORE!

Share with me in the comments or by reaching out on social media tagging @kelli.femrite on Instagram or @KelliElizabeth on Facebook how you’re coming along in suspending disbelief. What feelings came up? What emotions surfaced? 


I challenge you to suspend disbelief on ALL THE LITTLE THINGS for the next 24 hours. Everytime you sense doubt, just suspend it. Keep a log of every little thing you’ve suspended disbelief on. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they add up!

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