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Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 7

Day 7 – Sunday 5/5/24

Today was pretty busy family wise (but also I greatly disconnected from technology for the day and that felt SO good) – so I summarized my notes at the end of the day (if this sounds jumbled that’s why!)

In the morning, I decided to go take a solo walk back through the path in the new subdivision they are building in our town.

They put up totally brand new street signs with brand new names for this neighborhood, and the street names were “Castle and Yorkshire.”

I just thought wow, these street signs really remind me of the UK, and I’m going for a trip to the UK in a couple of weeks with my fabulous friend Jess.

The universe has been giving me signs that I’m always on the right path, because there was a time that I doubted myself being able to take this solo trip, because my daughter Emma is so reliant upon me (I’m home every single day; but I chose this life by walking away from my corporate job in 2020.) It’s not that I don’t think my husband can take care of her and take care of things, it’s just I was worried about her being emotionally upset by me leaving for 5 days. She’s already been going through some emotional upheavals and tough moments recently (age 8.5 is no joke!)

When I keep seeing these signs presented to me about the UK, that I’m on the right path, that it’s okay for me to go enjoy a solo trip for 5 days, I just get so happy and reassured that this is meant to be. It’s happening, and I cannot wait. We are visiting Brighton, UK then the Stonehenge area; and I just know there’s going to be massive spiritual experiences around the sea and Stonehenge. It will be the oldest site I’ll ever have visited on Earth. WOW.

So I sent Jess the picture of the street signs excitedly, like look “Castle and Yorkshire,” signs that our trip is coming up!

Unknown to me, she was at a similar time, posting her daily Telegram update for “Suspending Disbelief,” and in her daily message she posted a picture of a CASTLE LOL!

She posted how her big dream was to buy this castle in Scotland, and so as she is REALIZING her big dream is to buy the castle next to the water in Scotland, I pass a street sign with the NAME CASTLE on it.

I mean can you get any more synchronistic than that?

The universe is really converging our energies; sending each other signs for each other and it’s so freaking amazing and incredible.

Then later we had Emma’s Dance Recital at the high school – and my in-laws plus my brother and sis-in-law, niece and nephew all came out to watch Emma dance!

Emma did so amazing in her dance performance of Encanto’s “All of You.” It was also a bit tear-jerking because the lyrics are just so synchronistic to this whole journey.

I am going to put the lyrics in here, because they are powerful.

“Look at this home, we need a new foundation

It may seem hopeless, but we’ll get by just fine

Look at this family, a glowing constellation

So full of stars, everybody wants to shine

But the stars don’t shine, they burn

And the constellations shift

I think it’s time you learn

You’re more than just your gift

And I’m sorry I held on too tight

Just so afraid I’d lose you too

The miracle is not some magic that you’ve got

The miracle is you, not some gift, just you

The miracle is you (all of you, all of you)”

Immediately the song talks about something seeming hopeless, but “we’ll get by just fine.” 

This is the WHOLE PREMISE of “suspending disbelief.

It’s about feeling that moment of overwhelm and “how the hell are we gonna get out of this one?” to shifting into “our success is inevitable, we got this, let’s do this, let’s move forward together.”

Damn, I love me a good Disney movie!

I had also suspended disbelief that Emma would do AMAZING on her dance, because I trust fully in her abilities and gifts. I sat in that audience knowing “this is going to be INCREDIBLE. I just feel it,” and it WAS.

Literally the whole audience around me faded when she was dancing, and it was like viewing her on that stage through the lens of pure love and a heart full of pride and joy.

Earlier in the show, another dance class performed a song, and there was a little girl in that group who was completely overwhelmed on stage. She was crying, she didn’t remember the moves, and I could just feel her energy was so overwhelmed and overstimulated.

I thought it was really cool her parents were encouraging her from their front seat spot in the audience, cheering her on, and trying to direct her from their seats; doing the dance moves with her. 

As the dance shifted into more of the girls in a line, she mustered up the courage to get back in line with the rest of the girls (since by this point it was kinda easier to know where she was going). She finished out the performance. She didn’t run off stage even though she was really overwhelmed.

She got the courage to finish out the dance with her group.

What a great example of “We are going to get overwhelmed in life. We are going to get thrown off track. We are going to get emotionally unbalanced. We are going to get triggered. All of these things will eventually happen in life.

But what matters is what we DO NEXT.

She could of easily given up on the whole dance, she could have easily run off the stage and refused to come back, but instead she stuck it through.

I was proud as a fellow mama to see this – not for finishing it because she was “supposed to” but for digging deep in herself to find the courage to stay up there.

And let me make this clear; not doing this for anybody else – not her parents, not the audience. But for HERSELF.

That right there is going to make her more resilient in life, and know that she can do scary things.

She had to literally suspend disbelief that she could stay up on that stage.

Her parents had to suspend disbelief. They remained steady and calm holding her in that energy from their seats. They could have easily ran to the side of the stage and gotten her off of it, but they didn’t.

They suspended disbelief that she was going to make it through the dance.

This was so incredible to witness.

Suspending Disbelief for the Week Ahead

I’m going into the next week suspending disbelief in all areas of life. I’m suspending disbelief about the offers I’m putting out in my business.

It greatly helps we’re experiencing a New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday 5/7/24, which is bringing in energies of renewal, new beginnings and abundance in all areas.

I put out a brand-new offer for the Soul Writer’s Mini-Mind / Accountability and Co-Working Coven that I am THRILLED about. This is for anyone who feels called to take a journey to dig deep and get your soulful writing from idea to paper/computer and eventually published to book form (yes, I’m helping you with this WHOLE process through this Mini-Mind!)

Every single day I will be waking up and suspending disbelief that soulful aligned women will be attracted into this incredible program. I’m calling in 8 beautiful souls; so if you are one of them, go here to get all the details and join us to get started in this incredible journey of unearthing your soulful stories and healing through storytelling.

So with that, I am going to go begin my aligned action-packed week but also remember to allow time for rest and soul integration. 

Mine (and yours) success is inevitable and we’re always on the right path. It doesn’t matter in the long run how long it takes to get there. Yes, in this challenge we set this commitment for one year. But we are suspending disbelief that we’re always on the right path.

Meaning, let it flow how it flows. Let things come how they come. Don’t micromanage the universe. The universe will bring to you the things you desire in the order in which it sees fit. 

It’s our job this next year (and beyond) to suspend all disbelief that it will happen. “IT” meaning YOUR BIG DREAM that you imagined in Day 2 of this challenge.

So go forth and keep on suspending all disbelief.

I’d love to hear from you if you have energetically decided to join this challenge and what’s come up for you so far – and I’m celebrating you if you have joined and would love to support you further.

If you need extra accountability and support in this book a free call with me here to chat about how I can support your journey further via a number of different ways – as an intuitive empowerment mentor, modern witch and akashic energy guide I help you to reignite your souls’ purpose by clearing out energy that is not yours to carry (current life, past life), rewiring your subconscious mind and diving into your Akashic records for soul-level healing to reveal your highest aligned soul path forward in your life and business.

You get to suspend all disbelief that all this is possible for you, plus so MUCH MORE!

Share with me in the comments or by reaching out on social media tagging @kelli.femrite on Instagram or @KelliElizabeth on Facebook how you’re coming along in suspending disbelief. What feelings came up? What emotions surfaced? 


Where have you dug deep to find resilience in your life when you wanted to run off the stage screaming instead? How did you show up in your power to be resilient (not forcing yourself to finish for others’ sake, but only YOUR OWN?) I’d love to hear your stories.

And if you’re not already there, get in the Modern Witch Mama Facebook Group here for more insights and updates and to share your experiences and stories. Sharing our experiences is one of the most powerful ways we can contribute to massive collective healing.

Follow along Bri’s journey on her raw daily journal style podcast here

Follow Jess’s journey in her group in Telegram; get access to that here.

I also just announced my Soul Writer’s Accountability and Co-Working Coven – It’s a Writer’s Mini-mind for anyone who feels called to get their creative ideas and personal stories to paper this year and finally get their book written and published. Details on that here.

You get to suspend all disbelief that all this is possible for you, plus so MUCH MORE! Get in on the ground floor of a divine-feminine focused indie publisher and heal through storytelling. If this is the path for you, you will feel the call in your soul. Are you in? Let’s go!

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