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Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 8

Day 8 – Monday 5/6/24


I’m Catching up from a busy week but here I am. Because I committed to this thing. I am doing this. My success is inevitable and I’m always on the right path.

So on Sunday as we were driving to the dance recital, we were driving down the main road out of town that we always drive down and passed by a blue house on a property with some acreage and a big barn came up and my husband said, “I’ve always loved that house and property. If it was ever for sale I’d definitely take a look at it.” 

And then lo and behold as we were passing by, I glimpsed a for sale sign up out front. 

I was like, you’ve got to be kidding me. It is actually for sale. Like he had instantly manifested that house being for sale and he said he always loved that house. 

So fast forward to Monday May 6th.

It’s day eight of the challenge and I had passed by the house again to take Emma to gymnastics that evening. I wrote down the contact number on my phone and he looked up the property on Zillow and so it turns out it’s like $550,000 and I started scrolling through the pictures and this house is no joke like my dream home. I didn’t even know a house like this was available in my area.

It was completely remodeled in 2020. It has a first floor laundry room. It has a loft bedroom for Emma. It has a separate barn that has been converted into garage space that has been remodeled (camper storage!). It has a big basement. It has a first floor master bedroom. 

It has five bedrooms total, and two full baths. So two full baths with two showers. Which is amazing because we only have one shower right now (with a growing daughter, one shower is gonna be challenging as each year goes by!) 

And yes, I know I mentioned a beach house in my scripting in Day 2. Yes, I still want the beach house. BUT since my husband has a pension with his fire department, he wants to stay until twenty years service in this area so we may as well enjoy a beautiful home and property until we get to that twenty years!

It has a total of four acres and it’s just a beautiful home and property. So we started talking and he’s like, well, it’s kind of expensive. I’m like, “suspend all disbelief, suspend all disbelief.”

So he said, “well, what if they want to trade?” And he’s just throwing all these possibilities out there. I just love how we’re both getting so much more open-minded now. Before it would be like, “oh no, we can’t afford it. We can’t afford it. We can’t afford it. And immediately shut any possibility down.”

But now it’s like, “We’re suspending this belief. The Universe put this in front of us for a reason. Our dreams are inevitable. It’s getting closer and closer and closer, right?”

If the universe put this right in front of me my desires are close.

It means I’m on the right path. The universe is paying attention.

I told Bri and Jess this, and Bri loved this way of thinking so much she added it to her daily affirmations, haha. 

It’s powerful stuff.

There’s always going to be signs the universe gives us. We may not be ready for the $550,000 house right now, today, but what if we are one day?

And now the universe knows that a house like that is a definite DREAM.

If we never allow ourselves to even dream, how will we attract the things we desire into our reality?

More Day 8 Stuff

I took a lot of aligned action in my business all day on Monday. I didn’t catch up on writing the blog post for this, but I really dug in and started visioning and connecting the dots for my overall vision for my business and just connecting how everything fits together. 

I started connecting why I got all these intuitive downloads in pieces over the past two to three years because they’re all fitting together like a puzzle piece now. 

My mind is blown. The clarity is incredible. The amount of clarity that’s coming in is off the charts.

When you suspend all disbelief that your dreams are inevitable, the universe brings you the puzzle pieces you need, including massive clarity, intuitive downloads, fitting things together like never before. It’s incredible.

Day 8 is going to be a short and sweet blog post, because Days 9, 10, and 11 I have a TON to share with you.

I’d love to hear from you if you have energetically decided to join this challenge and what’s come up for you so far – and I’m celebrating you if you have joined and would love to support you further.

If you need extra accountability and support in this book a free call with me here to chat about how I can support your journey further via a number of different ways – as an intuitive empowerment mentor, modern witch and akashic energy guide I help you to reignite your souls’ purpose by clearing out energy that is not yours to carry (current life, past life), rewiring your subconscious mind and diving into your Akashic records for soul-level healing to reveal your highest aligned soul path forward in your life and business.

You get to suspend all disbelief that all this is possible for you, plus so MUCH MORE!

Share with me in the comments or by reaching out on social media tagging @kelli.femrite on Instagram or @KelliElizabeth on Facebook how you’re coming along in suspending disbelief. What feelings came up? What emotions surfaced? 


Have you noticed your internal or external dialogue is shifting each day as you go along? What do you notice has changed? A telltale sign is shifting from “I can’t afford that,” to “The universe put that in front of me for a reason, and there has to be a creative solution to this.”

I want to know what aha moments you have gotten so far! Please reply to this blog post and share!

And if you’re not already there, get in the Modern Witch Mama Facebook Group here for more insights and updates and to share your experiences.

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