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Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 9

Day 9 – 5/7/24

Day 9 began in the morning with cutting up strawberries for Emma’s lunch realizing that the cut strawberries had perfect little heart shapes. I love these little universal signs that all is well.

The night before I had pulled an oracle card “Goddess of the Sea,” and this was like the 5th time that the Goddess Yemaya, Mother of the Ocean, had popped up in recent days. Including a card Jess shared with me on the first of the month. Purification through water is a huge theme for me for the month of May.

I also picked back up an older journal from November since today was the New Moon in Taurus, to see what was happening 6 months back (if you follow the moon manifesting you always want to look six months back to see what you were calling in or releasing and to see how that all played out in you present timing.)

What I read blew me away.

“I’m releasing the past karma that’s coming up to be set free. I’m releasing the vow of poverty. I’m calling in the truth/ the veil is lifted. The strength to stand up, unwavering in my truth and integrity. The courage to speak my truths. The surrender to outcomes, for my highest soul good and for the highest good of all. Transformation and shift and change for the highest good. Introspection and the power to make final decisions. Integrity/Truth/Honesty/Authenticity. Trust for the Journey. Highest timelines of prosperity, abundance, joy, purpose, freedom, unconditional love, alignment, pleasure, ultimate fulfillment.

I’m calling in Rebirth, a new beginning, all paths, all doorways, all portals are open to step into my highest 5D timeline.

So why is this – my full moon musings from the end of Nov. SO important for this journey? Because it’s 6 months later, and all these themes are coming back up again, and I did go through a HUGE REBIRTH in the past 2-3 months; so much so that I’m pretty sure it was a dark night of the soul. There were many days in Feb. and March where I was in hiding from the world just trying to process all the rapid healing that was happening.

I also wrote in my journal that my “Journey Intention” for Shamanic Journey was to journey to the Lower World to discover my hidden gems and unearth my hidden treasures. To bring out the gems and precious stones I have kept hidden inside my heart.”

SO this is significant as well because I just began Shamanism Level 1 and we are currently on the third class/journey which is exploring the “Lower World.” 

So many synchronicities it’s hard to keep up with sometimes! Thank goodness for screenshots, voice notes and random scribbles in notebooks.

I also pulled Card #5 – Completion from the Shaman’s Dream Oracle, “Closing Door – Completion” again going along with that REBIRTH theme. One door had to close for a new one to open. And this felt SO, SO relevant to what’s transpired with this suspending disbelief journey, and my renewed passion in writing on my blog; in writing in general.

I decided to take a Shamanic Journey Tuesday morning, because I was feeling called to and it was a nice and rainy morning, not freezing so I left the window cracked and listened to the rain while journeying.

WOW. I was shown an herbal mixture that would open the road completely unblocking any and all blockages in my way of reaching ultimate success, abundance and overflow. 

I ALSO PULLED THE CARDS “Many Paths,” #34 and was shown that there’s many paths to my success (essentially reiterating “My success is inevitable and I’m always on the right path.”) There’s not one right path. There’s not one right direction. All doors and potentials are open and available to me.

Inspired Aligned Action

Day 9 was also a lot of aligned action. I actually picked back up my main book document again and started writing in it. A fire was lit under me and it was flowing out so naturally and it was all clicking together why I’m writing this book.

Yes, I’m writing a book (have been writing it for a couple of years now.)

I’ve almost written 20,000 words in my full length book. The book has been a living, breathing thing in my life. Each time I think I know what the main idea is, it morphs into something else, because as I heal and grow, this book grows with me.

And so this is just crazy to me when I decide and declare that I am suspending all disbelief on  all my goals for the next year, this decision energetically lit the fire under me to take aligned action on writing in the book.

I have no doubt that by a year from now, that book will be out on Amazon, indie bookstores, Barnes and Noble local authors’ section and I’ll be touring around talking about my book.  It’s gonna be an indie book and it’s gonna be under my publishing company, Modern Witch Mama Publishing.

So there’s that. 

I also had a beautiful connection call with a woman who joined my Facebook group and I did not put pressure on myself to make it a sales call. I just let it flow naturally and it was so beautiful. 

She is wanting to focus on bringing in more self-love to her life, which is so perfect because within this whole concept of suspending disbelief is also showing up in the energy you want to attract in. Like attracts like; so if we are treating ourselves with love and compassion, then we will attract people who also treat us with love and compassion.

It seems like a simple concept, but it honestly takes a lot of people years to figure this out (Go watch “The Secret” Film and you’ll get an in-depth look at what I’m referring to with the “Law of Attraction” or read Esther and Jerry Hicks Book “The Law of Attraction.”)

There’s many, many more books on the subject – Gabby Bernstein is one of my favs and her book “The Universe Has Your Back goes into ALOT of Law of Attraction concepts. Hers was actually my very first introduction to the concept where it truly clicked.

It’s the basis for Suspending Disbelief; that your success is inevitable and you’re always on the right path.

Because in order to suspend disbelief, you have to get in the energy of attracting what you DO want in your life. And that’s where the Law of Attraction comes in.

Family Stuff – Letting Others Be Cranky

Today in family life there were cranky dynamics going on after school. So I think I’m gonna start really making sure that Emma’s energy is cleared after school because she’s picking up others’ energies. But once she got on her gymnastics equipment and was able to do that for a while, it seemed like she was much better after that. She needs to move (she’s a generator with emotional authority), and she’s also very high energy. So when she moves her body more, it tends to have a very positive effect on her nervous system.

I had to suspend disbelief that people get cranky. It’s okay. Moods happen. It doesn’t mean everything’s ruined or nobody wants to go along with this or I’m on my own in suspending disbelief. Because that’s what I used to think in the past. That if somebody was in a bad mood and I felt happy and they were miserable or they were cranky then I would try to fix it.

Nope, I’m just letting it go from here on out. I’m not trying to fix others’ moods.. People are entitled to their own moods and it has no reflection on me, right? 

Nighttime Grounding Session

I ended my night with a salt shower to cleanse myself of energies, followed by going outside in my PJs and standing barefoot in the grass while reciting my energy protections and clearing out all that didn’t serve me. 

Grounding/earthing has been my favorite way to come back to myself at the beginning of the day, or end of the evening before bed. I do this every chance I get to; and sometimes I miss it (no one’s perfect) but when I do take the time to do it I feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Anchoring into the energies of Mama Gaia, centering myself and my energetic body connecting in with the soul star chakra, down through the body chakras, and in with the earth star chakra, releasing any and all energy that doesn’t serve my highest path forward – it’s a practice I highly recommend for everyone even if you feel like a crazy person standing in your yard in your Pjs (trust me – my 80-something neighbors are already long asleep by this time so I have no worry of them spying on me lol – even they did OH WELL, This is me and I’ll keep being my “weird” earth-loving grounding witchy self.)

With that Day 9 is a WRAP.

I’m always continuing to suspend disbelief that my success is inevitable. I’m always on the right path. I’m setting goals for how many clients I’m calling into my business over the next few months.

I am calling in eight beautiful souls for my writer’s mini mind. I’m calling in four beautiful one -to -one higher level clients. I’m calling in an additional 11 beautiful souls for my membership, the coven. And this is going to happen. I’m suspending disbelief. 

My success is inevitable and I’m always on the right path no matter what.

I’d love to hear from you if you have energetically decided to join this challenge and what’s come up for you so far – and I’m celebrating you if you have joined and would love to support you further.

If you need extra accountability and support in this book a free call with me here to chat about how I can support your journey further via a number of different ways – as an intuitive empowerment mentor, modern witch and akashic energy guide I help you to reignite your souls’ purpose by clearing out energy that is not yours to carry (current life, past life), rewiring your subconscious mind and diving into your Akashic records for soul-level healing to reveal your highest aligned soul path forward in your life and business.

You get to suspend all disbelief that all this is possible for you, plus so MUCH MORE!

Share with me in the comments or by reaching out on social media tagging @kelli.femrite on Instagram or @KelliElizabeth on Facebook how you’re coming along in suspending disbelief. What feelings came up? What emotions surfaced? 


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I want to know what aha moments you have gotten so far! Please reply to this blog post and share!

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