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Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success

Last week sometime my friend Bri- my biz bestie and unofficial mastermind partner and future podcast cohost and ok like….all the things. We have gotten super close over the past few years as we’ve realized how much we have in common….down to the same damn spiritual synchronicities and angel numbers and card messages given in the same damn timing. It’s bizarre but incredible to be so connected to your friends and so tapped in to be able to share intuitive messages with one another on the daily. We are like a super charged spiritual mastermind tribe.

Anyways, she shared a podcast episode with me and our third musketeer Jess – from the Manifestation Babe Podcast with Katherine Zenkina – This was an episode of hers from 2020, interestingly the year I decided to quit my old corporate job and embark on an entirely new spiritual and entrepreneurial journey, but that’s a story for another time.

Manifestation Babe’s episode – originally aired on 6/15/2020 (holy shit – that’s the exact timing I was sent back to the office begrudgingly after covid and was miserable as all fuck – I digress, but wow!) You can listen to that episode yourself here just to see why this sparked such a huge response from us!

The episode was titled “The experiment that blew up my business, bank account & life in a single year.”

I bookmarked it mentally to Listen to later on but unbeknownst to me Bri had listened and decided to take on Katherine’s challenge like immediately by creating a daily podcast – a raw journal style podcast of her daily experiences after deciding to follow the “experiment.”

So what is this experiment? Why does it matter and why did both of us decide after listening to this ONE episode that we’d embark on this journey almost instantly?

The gist of it is this: For ONE WHOLE YEAR you suspend all disbelief that your dreams can really manifest. You drop all the doubts. You reaffirm to yourself that your success is inevitable, and that you’re ALWAYS on the right path.

You give yourself no other option. 

You energetically decide and declare that you’re going all in on suspending disbelief in whatever YOUR DREAMS ARE. Whether that be business, career, relationship, friends, travel, family, dream house, dream car, living situation, absolutely anything.

So for me, so far since I’ve energetically declared this to the universe, two major things happened within 24 hours.

Yesterday (Sunday 4/28) was when I first listened to the podcast. I’ll call that day zero.

After listening, I immediately took notes in my phone of the steps I needed to follow to get in on this “suspending disbelief” challenge.

After all, I am a GREAT student and note taker!

Then when I got home from my nature walk, I declared it to my husband and also challenged him to suspend all disbelief for the next year.

I also mentioned it to my 8-year old who has a big dream of training for Gymnastics in the Olympics.

After that we went to fly a kite as a family in the field down the street and we all three literally suspended disbelief that the kite could fly and stay off the ground. We got it off the ground multiple times. We all cheered, and it felt like such a cohesive, positive moment that happened in the right synchonocity.

This little win was enough to put even more belief in me this could actually be possible, this whole suspending disbelief thing.

You see, by this point in my life, I’ve been through a four-year spiritual awakening journey, completely re-imagining my life choices. I decided to walk away from a cushy corporate job that paid the bills, but was not my dream four years ago. 

The fallout from that has been an emotional rollercoaster; there have been many, many ups and downs. 

But, I’d go back and make the same decision tomorrow if I had to. Because it was choosing my well-being and mental health and a chance to pursue my soul calling and passions over a job that had a steady paycheck but was keeping me stuck in a negative spiral of disbelief!

So back to the present day – I was super pumped to share what I had just discovered with the “suspending disbelief” revelation with the world by this point on Sunday evening; I had found out Bri was publishing her new raw daily podcast about it and I got inspired to start documenting my own journey. I got so excited I shared her podcast before she had the chance to announce/share her own! Haha. But we have a very elevated friendship and it was all good as she realized that it was for the best I was so zealous to share.

Because this has to be SHOUTED FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

So here I am/ Day 1 is officially in the books of Suspending all disbelief and knowing my success is inevitable and I’m ALWAYS on the right path no matter what.

I’m doing it messy. And that’s not like me; if you know me. 

I tend to be a perfectionist when It comes to writing. But not this time. This is TOO important to sit on for long.

I’ll be sharing my journey on this blog and in my Facebook group along the way. 

This is 365 days of suspending disbelief and of embracing with every fiber of my being that my success is inevitable and I’m ALWAYS on the right path.

I will say some challenges popped in day 1- and Bri said this would happen so I can’t say I wasn’t warned!

I’ve had some big money mindset stuff surface in the past few days, after I found some old letters in my attic, followed by reflecting on dreams I had as a young adult that weren’t realized. I won’t go into too many details here (maybe I’ll write another post on that.)

But I will say it made a ton of past stuff I hadn’t fully dealt with come to the surface, to be released.

But it also helped me to move forward in a step towards healing those difficult feelings from that time in my life that were not fully processed.

It’s funny how it happens that way.

But then today as I was saying “I am suspending all disbelief” to myself alllll day long, I told Bri I was having some money stuff pop up again and she asked me if I did the “scripting” part of the challenge yet.

Um, oops. No, I hadn’t. 😆

So basically what the scripting is, it’s you writing down exactly what your life will look like one year from now, one year from when you begin suspending disbelief that your dreams are inevitable. That your success is inevitable. It’s coming. You know it’s coming and you are along for the ride. Your Success is inevitable and you’re ALWAYS on the right path.

So I sat down later in the afternoon to do the scripting and felt dead tired afterwards and also kinda anxious and my throat was hurting. I always get a scratchy throat or some kinda throat irritation it seems when I’m upleveling and leaning more into my truths.

Bri asked me what felt like a lie or unbelievable in my script and immediately I knew I wasn’t fully believing I could make the amount of money in my business in one year’s time that I wrote down in my script. 

I said “cuz I have no idea how I’ll get there yet.”

Then she said, “So just SAYING suspending disbelief isn’t enough. You really have to do it. So releasing the how.”


I had declared I was suspending all disbelief in words but in action I was still clinging to disbelief because I needed to know the “how.” 🤯

Damn, I really love our little unofficial spiritual biz bestie mastermind. ♥️

That’s the thing. We don’t need to know how we’re gonna get there. My success is inevitable and I’m ALWAYS on the right path. The point isn’t knowing the how. It’s suspending disbelief and knowing it’s coming. It doesn’t matter how. But it’s coming.

So then I sat with my script and still felt a little wonky, but it was becoming clearer every second that passed.

I went to make a cup of tea and my tea kettle got burned on the plastic piece and ruined because the flames on our brand-new stove licked up too high (it’s a powerful stove!) Okay. 

“It only gets better and better.” Another mantra I recently started saying to myself after listening to Jess’ first you tube video in which she was explaining manifestation from a scientific point of view. (Please check out this video – It’s soooo perspective shifting!)

Two of my unofficial mastermind spiritual besties had produced a boatload of valuable content in a few days time that was also pretty raw and from the heart (they didn’t overthink what they were doing; they just took messy action), and it’s mind-blowing to me to be sitting up in my daughters bed scribbling this into a google doc, even though she’s been asleep over 30 minutes and I said I was only gonna write a few paragraphs. 

If you know me, you know I NEVER just write a few paragraphs 😆

Oh also an argument happened with my husband over parenting differences right before bedtime, and my glasses arm broke off right before I wrote this. So I’m also squinting in a dark room typing this because I had to get my Day 1 story out.

So who is with me on suspending all disbelief the next year?

Your success is inevitable and you’re ALWAYS ON THE RIGHT PATH, even when the shit hits the fan, even when mishaps happen, even when emotions get the best of you and you’re left in the dark (without glasses) reflecting on the fucked up ness of life.

Because we’re doing this, we’re declaring it to the universe and I am personally declaring:

That in one year I will be a million dollar best selling author, a successful indie publisher amplifying women’s voices and truths around the world, an online spiritual witch academy creator and owner and a spiritual and energetic nature witch healer underneath it all. I have more written in my script, and I’ll share its entirety with you tomorrow. 

Leave me a comment or reach out on social media tagging @kelli.femrite on Instagram or @KelliElizabeth on Facebook if you’re joining this movement!! 


And get in the Modern Witch Mama Facebook Group here for more insights and updates!

AND follow along Bri’s journey on her raw daily journal style podcast here. You are not going to want to miss any of this!

Jess also decided to join the challenge and started a group chat in Telegram; get access to that here.

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