Staying authentic in a world filled with competition

Staying Authentic in a World Filled with Competition

As a writer and producer of creative content, sometimes it can feel like a struggle to bring your authentic voice to your brand and business. It is so easy to fall into the trap of mimicking other bloggers or creative influencers that have paved the way.

Authentic family work life balance

The same can be said for any profession, job, or project you find yourself working on and determining your strategic vision. It’s difficult to stay on track and not “follow the crowd” or become enveloped in the dreaded “groupthink” or be bulldozed by a colleague into doing things that go against your authenticity.

To Think Authentic, is to be Authentic

Authentic family work life balance

When I feel like I’m straying from my authenticity I stop myself and re-evaluate my work. There’s a feeling I get – it’s a bit of an icky, “This is not me!” type of voice in my mind that lets me know I need to slow down and remember why I’m truly pursuing my passions of writing and content creation in the first place.

Stay True to Your Vision and Voice

How can you stay authentic when there’s so many people out there attempting the exact same thing as you? It’s all about staying true to your own vision and voice.

Authentic family work life balance

I know that I’m not going to simply try to sell anything to make a buck. I’m only going to present things on my blog that I truly stand behind and have experience with. I’m not going to try and swindle business by sending out cold Facebook messages to everyone I encounter. That’s just not me.

What Does Your Authentic Voice Sound Like?

My authentic voice is sharing my experiences and my struggles, so that maybe another person with a similar struggle can find hope at the end of the tunnel.

We all have a voice inside, despite what we may present on the outside. Not to say that we are walking around as fake versions of ourselves, but there are always things we think about internally that we don’t always express externally.

Authentic family work life balance

Following your intuition and gut feelings about opportunities usually will lead you down the right path.

To remain authentic with your voice, there’s a very simple trick to follow.

How to Practice Finding Your Authentic Voice

Write down the first thoughts that come to your mind upon waking in the morning. This is usually your gut intuition telling you, “This is what you need to do. This is what you should pursue.”

Authentic family work life balance

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My gut intuition usually comes after my yoga and meditation session in the AM.

I know that I’m my most authentic self first thing in the morning, before the hectic day begins. When my gut intuition kept telling me for several months that I need to be writing – I listened to it!

Check out my post on a 30-minute balancing self-care routine to start your day!

Finding Authenticity Throughout the Day

Later in the day the stressors of my work environment, finances or other life moments may over power that authentic voice, but if I practice mindfulness and a conscious decision to focus on my authentic self, I can usually bring it back.

Authentic family work life balance

There’s a school of thought that relates to manifesting your desires. Esther and Jerry Hicks have written several books on the phenomenon and I’ve found it helpful when I’m losing my authentic voice for any number of reasons to bring it back and focus on the true reasons I’m pursuing my passions.

Carve out the Path of Least Resistance

By carving out the path of least resistance to anything you want, you can redirect your attention to focus on your desires. Esther and Jerry Hick’s teachings will tell you to hold a thought for 17 seconds. Before you know it, related thoughts will come to you, and you can reach a string of thoughts that will lead to manifesting your desires and actualization of what it is you truly want. In other words – your mind will take you in the direction you’re meant to travel in.

You might be asking, “Well what does that have to do with remaining authentic to your true self?”

Authentic family work life balance

I’ve found that when I practice the 17 seconds of mindfulness my brain always loops back around to why I started writing in the first place, then it travels to more thoughts about building my blog and then more thoughts about writing my first book.

Authentic family work life balance

Why did I start writing in the first place? To share my stories, present my unique voice and hope that in some way my writing can help people through obstacles or challenges that I am familiar with, and can help guide them to a better place.

A lot of us have to take jobs for reasons other than true passion and purpose. They are our income sources, we need to help support our families, we thought they would lead to better opportunities down the line (but never did). The list goes on and on. Are we truly practicing authenticity daily in these jobs?

Practice 17 Seconds of Mindfulness to Find Your Authentic Voice

Take 17 seconds today and see where your mind takes you. Maybe it is pursuing a side hustle of building artistic pieces out of old barn wood and selling them on Etsy. Maybe it’s that lifelong dream of writing a book. Maybe you don’t know what you truly want but admitting to yourself that you’re unhappy in your current situation is the first step.

Whatever comes to mind and the thoughts that follow can teach your more than you know about your authentic self.

Practice this daily for a month, and it is amazing the results you’ll see – and the thoughts turning into actions, which will turn into planning your roadmap for success.

When you start living a life in which you choose your beliefs and choose what actualizes around them, you get even closer to discovering your true passion and purpose.

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Authentic family work life balance

Photo by Pixabay on

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