Suspending Disbelief: 365 Days of Showing Up to Life in the Energy of Inevitable Success – Day 25, 26, 27 – UK Part 1 – Brighton Beach, Seven Sisters Sea Cliffs, Arundel Castle Oh My!

Thurs. May 23, day 25 Lesson Today:  Suspending disbelief on jet lag (Lol), Meeting Jess for the first time in person at a human design workshop, totally jet lagged but total “pinch me” am I really here? Moment. Suspended disbelief this is my reality. I’m really standing here in a

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Hi, I'm Kelli!

I’m a Witchy Mystical Intuitive and Empowerment Mentor, a 2x best selling author, incorporating spiritual and energetics tools of Holy Fire Reiki ©️, Spiritual/Akashic Hypnotherapy, Akashic Records Soul Coaching and Sacred Earth Healing and Embodiment.

I’m a mom of one beautiful intuitive magical girl, lifelong writer ✍️ and book nerd and married to a fire lieutenant who is much more of the Earth plane but keeps me grounded nevertheless! And shares in my deep love for travel and exploration 😍.

My human design is Sacral Generator, 6/2 Profile. I’m here to empower you to discover your purpose and to help you WHEN you’re ready to take radical responsibility for your personal journey while we co-create your highest self-expression on earth.

As a Witchy Librarian of the etheric field of information, aka the Akashic records, the connected wisdom of the cosmos, I help sort all of the mystical cosmic info and incorporate it into the 3D world so you, in the here and now, can understand it on a deep cellular level, and be called into your personal journey of spiritual expansion and to re-awaken your higher self’s voice to embrace and share your gifts with the world. 💃

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